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12 Stunning One Page Examples Which You Should Check

Bernadett Toth
Bernadett Toth
August 31, 2022
one page examples

One page website templates are common in today’s web design. It is mostly used in businesses that want to promote a single product, service or portfolio in a clear way. Most websites have multiple pages, usually a home page, a contact page, an about page, and a page for the offers. However, in most cases it is better to create a single page website. The visitors will see more information about your product if they don’t have to look for information in other pages. If you have a one page design, they will find everything in one place.

Let’s take a look at some inspiring one page examples for your next project. If you like one, you can import these templates with the Pro version of Smart Slider 3 from the Template Library.

1. Green Energy

Live Preview

This template is a great start to create a website that helps spreading the importance of going green. For this reason it’s main colors are green which is especially noticable on the menu.

👍 Why it works: The first block has video that promotes green energy and CTA buttons to prompt action. Subtle animations help enhance the experience.

2. Greek Restaurant

Live Preview

If you need a modern way to introduce your restaurant, this template is made for you. It has everything a one page restaurant template needs. For example, it displays the opening hours, introduces the menu and the team.

👍 Why it works: Simple color scheme is combined with attractive animations and bold fonts. They make the page easy to look at and memorable as well.

3. Vlogger

Live Preview

Vlogger is a simple page template that uses high contrast colors in the back and foreground. It also features a video in the hero section, since it’s main purpose to introduce a vlogger. Additionally, it has a couple of sections to display follower count.

👍 Why it works: The page has everything a vlogger needs to introduce themselves on the web. They have plenty of space to display their recent videos and also their follower count.

4. Orion Page Group

Orion Page Group

Live Preview

Orion page group is made for business websites where it is important to give information for the visitors. The parallax effect creates the illusion of depth when the page moves. There is also used the shape divider feature which gives a great visual experience.

👍 Why it works: The layer animations help the visitor focus on the content, and with the CTA buttons they can navigate to other sections on your page. This layout is perfect to introduce your product or service and their features.

5. Coffee One Page Example

Coffee One Page

Live Preview

The coffee shop one page design can be used for shops or some business websites. There is a navigation menu in the header, below there are beautiful caption images which can show more information on hover and there are more carousels where you can feature your products.

👍 Why it works: The carousels can work with dynamic generators so if you want to make a webshop, you can use the WooCommerce generator and show your products on the carousel.

6. Steak Bistro Landing Page

Steak Bistro Landing Page

Live Preview

The steak Bistro landing page can be inspiring for gastro blogs or restaurant websites. You can navigate with the small images to other sections. There is a carousel for recipes which you can even make dynamic with a post slider.

👍 Why it works: If you scroll through the page, you will encounter more types of sliders and you will see different animations and effects, which gives a premium experience for the visitor.

7. Agency One Page Example

Agency One Page Example

Live Preview

The Agency one page is a clean layout which you can use on your business website. The page starts with a full page slider with an animated shape divider which connects the header with the next section below. It encourages the visitor to stay on your site, which lowers the bounce rate.

👍 Why it works: There are 2 navigations, one on the top of the page, and one on the bottom in the footer. With those links you can navigate to important sections or other pages. The CTA-s call the user to an action, and show more information to the visitors.

8. Portfolio One Page Design

Portfolio One Page Design

Live Preview

If you have a portfolio, this one page design can be a good choice. You can find a testimonial slider with video background where you can show your customers’ experiences.

👍 Why it works: The parallax effect is the main effect of that one page website, you can encounter a background parallax and layer parallax as well. It calls the visitors’ attention and gives a modern look to the page.

9. Healthcare Single Page Design

Healthcare Single Page Design

Live Preview

The Healthcare single page design is a good choice if you want to use a simple, clean but modern look on your webpage. The color scheme isn’t too much, the blue color symbolizes loyalty and trust. It doesn’t disturb the visitors and the texts are legible on each device.

👍 Why it works: This example features stunning blocks and sliders. The reveal animation on the top attracts the eye, and the layer animation makes your website special. There aren’t any images in the header, which can be unusual. However, because of that, the user can focus on the content and the important parts of your page.

10. Iceland One Page Example

Iceland Adventure Page

Live Preview

This one page is a stunning example of different sections. The navigation on the top and a footer on the bottom give a good frame to the one page design. The hero header has a bottom shape divider which gets the visitor to scroll. The testimonial slider with the video background calls the user’s attention, and they will read the content.

👍 Why it works: You can change every element in the template, and with that layout you can make your unique one page design. There are various images, texts, buttons and separate layers which can even fit your design vision.

11. Bakery

Bakery Page

Live Preview

This template starts off with a menu for easy navigation between its sections. Then there’s a hero slider under it, which features the most popular items the bakery sells. It’s also possible to feature a special menu and there’s a section for recipes.

👍 Why it works: It has nice animations that give some life to each section and make them more interesting. There’s also a parallax section and a video in lightbox which helps watch it without any disturbance.

12. Wedding Page Example

wedding page

Live Preview

The wedding page is a great one page example which you can create with Smart Slider 3. The header is a full width slider with a ken burns effect which gives a little movement to the images. Also, there is a navigation by which you can navigate to the important sections. On the page there are more information blocks, and also there is a lightbox gallery with which you can show pictures in a modern way.

How to create a one page website in WordPress?

There are more opportunities to create a one page layout with WordPress. You can choose from 2 popular ways: use a page builder or a different plugin. Fortunately, there are a lot of free and premium options available which can help you design your website and build your one page template. You can choose a page builder, like Elementor or Divi, but you can create your one page layout with Smart Slider 3 as well.

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Smart Slider 3 is one of the best visual builders which you can create a one page website with. You can put the sliders under one another or you can group them as well. It’s easy to use and fully responsive. You can easily drag & drop your layers, make a structure and your slider is ready.

After you’ve installed Smart Slider 3 Pro, you can make a one page layout in 4 steps:

  1. Create a group
  2. Create sliders in the group
  3. Add your content to each slider
  4. Publish the group

To learn how to create a one page website with Smart Slider 3, check out the video below, and check the tips and tricks!

Useful features for one page sites in Smart Slider 3

Slider Groups

slider groups
The slider grouping feature can be useful for one page designs. You can add more sliders to one group, and if you publish it, it will display every slider inside the group.

Link actions

Link Actions

There are seven actions available by which you can go to the next slider or to a specific slider. You can use the actions on every layer, just use the link option, and create a good-working CTA.


Slider Alias

The slider alias can be used for the shortcode or PHP code to publish the slider. You can also use it as an #alias anchor link with which you can navigate to the slider directly. There is also an option to scroll to a specific slider inside a slider.

Why is a one page website good?

  • Informative. A one page design will show all information that a visitor needs. There isn’t too much or less content, the visitors will find everything they need.
  • There isn’t duplicated content. Duplication isn’t good for SEO and it can disturb the visitors.
  • Mobile friendly. A one page website is more legible in mobile devices because everything is in one place.
  • It’s easy to create. You don’t need to make more menu and complicated structures, in a one page design everything is in one place.
  • You can use it in several ways. If you have an agency, a product page, or a portfolio, you can create a one page website to introduce your business.

Final Thoughts

If you browse on the web, probably you will meet a lot of one page websites. You can use it in your small business, and it isn’t hard to create. If you use WordPress, you can choose from a lot of plugins or page builders which can help you create what you imagined. Smart Slider 3 is a simple and responsive solution which you can make your one page design with.

All things considered, your business needs its own site and it must have an eye catching website design. After your beautiful one page website is ready, you can start doing some digital marketing, like sharing the URL on a social media site.

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