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The food we serve comes from Greece, where the people have a passion for eating, drinking and talking.

Book a Table
Open hours

Monday – Sunday
Lunch: 12PM – 2PM
Dinner: 6PM – 10PM


58 Zeus Ave, Thessaloniki
+1 234 567 890
Contact us

58 Zeus Ave, Thessaloniki
+1 234 567 890

Zeus Pita

Grilled chicken thighs, fries, tzatziki, secret sauce


Hera Pita

Braised pork shoulder, slaw, spicy whipped feta, secret sauce


Hercules Pita

Crispy fried chicken, avocado, smoked bacon


Artemis Pita

Zucchini-feta fritters, garlic yogurt, secret sauce


Dionysus Pita

Spicy lamb meatballs, slaw, eggplant sauce, garlic yogurt, secret sauce


Hermes Pita

Impossible meatballs, charred eggplant sauce


Fried Artichokes

Hand-battered and flash fried


Mediterranean Style Grilled Eggplant

Stuffed with fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic, herbs and feta cheese


Char-Broiled Fresh Octopus

Absolutely delicious served with grilled green scallions


Lamb Meatball Plate

Brown rice, garlic yogurt, charred eggplant sauce


Golden Fried Marides

Greek traditional dish of golden fried small-sized fish


Greek Style Chilled Jumbo Shrimp

Caressed with olive oil, fresh lemon, fresh basil, and green scallions


Baked Feta Cheese

Over Greek salsa - delicious with our hot baguette


Grilled Chicken Plate

Fries, tzatziki


Olympus Salad

Grilled chicken thighs, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickled onions, olives


Mykonos Salad

Zucchini-feta fritters, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickled onions, olives, feta


Village Salad

Tomatoes, cucumbers, pickled onions, Greek olives, capers, peppers, feta


Fall Salad

Chopped kale & greens, roasted squash, cheese, dried figs, pomegranate


Greek Yogurt

Plain / honey / lemon / sour cherry


Baklava Crisps



Frozen Greek Yogurt

Sour cherry / nutella & baklava / caramel & pistachio


Greek Donuts

Honey & cinnamon / sour cherry / nutella & baklava / caramel & pistachio


Greek Restaurant

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Description: The Greek Restaurant template is a great way to introduce your restaurant or business to your visitors.

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Slider Settings

The Greek Restaurant template is a group that contains 6 projects. More precisely, you can find 5 Block type and 1 Simple slider type in this group. Blocks are special kind of projects that can display one slide only. So, they’re perfect for creating hero headers.

The first block in the Greek Restaurant template uses a full page layout. Full page sliders fill the screen vertically and horizontally as well. As a result, they’re a great choice for displaying content above the fold. The other sliders and blocks are full width, so they only fill the screen horizontally.


You can find two heading layers on all sliders. One displays the main headline and the other the secondary one. Most sliders also display an image using the image layer. Additionally, there’s a CTA button on two sliders. One is on the first slider, which actually uses a column layer to hold the link. The second CTA button is on the About us slider, and this one uses the button layer.

The column layer as CTA
The column layer as CTA


As most sliders in the Greek Restaurant template are blocks, they don’t have fancy slide changing animations. However, since they have a couple of layers, they have nice looking layer animations. For example, on the first slider, you can see the Reveal animation. What makes the Reveal animation special is that it introduces the layer by moving a colored shape on top of it. As a result, the Reveal animation looks modern and suits any kind of website.

The other animation you can spot on many sliders is the layer parallax. When you scroll on the page, some layers move at a different speed, which creates a spectacular effect. You can find this effect on the image of the first and 5th slider and the second slider’s cards.


Probably the most interesting layout in the Greek Restaurant template is the Dinner menu slider. This slider is actually made by two different sliders. One block that contains the main and secondary headline, and a slider that has the text bullets and the different slides. The same background color is set at both sliders, which makes it look like they’re one slider, but in fact, they’re not.

The Menu Block (top) and Menu slider (bottom) create the cool looking menu slider
The Menu Block (top) and Menu slider (bottom) create the cool looking menu slider


Smart Slider is a responsive slider plugin so it lets you create sliders that look great on any screen. Moreover, it offers many responsive features to fine-tune the result on small screens. One of the most useful tools for optimizing for mobile is the font resizer. It lets you reduce (or increase) the font size for small screens, which is super handy.

Default mobile look (left) and optimized mobile look (right)
Default mobile look (left) and optimized mobile look (right)

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