Whole Wheat Bread
Hand Selected Grains

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Traditional white bread

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Delicious Cakes
traditional pastries

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fine ingredients

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with love
Breakfast & Brunch
cafe menu

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brunch menu

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Bakery Page

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If you have a company it is useful to have your own website on which you can give information to your visitors and your business can also be easily found. The bakery page example is a great demo that you can use on your one page website. This landing page consists of 5 sliders which you can fully customize to your needs.

Navigation block

The bakery slider group starts with a navigation on the top. Here you can see a logo image, the menu, and 2 small icons on each side. With the menu, you can navigate to other sliders using the ScrolltoAlias action. In the group, each slider has an alias, which can be useful at the navigation.

slider alias
You can add an alias at the slider setting

Bakery slider

The next slider is a simple full width slider with 3 slides. The slider switches their slides automatically with the slider autoplay. Small but important settings are the arrows and the bullets. In this slider, the text type arrow and the number type bullet are used which give a special navigation effect for the slider.

This slider is a good example of how you can use the content and canvas modes together. The textual layers are in content mode in a 1-row 2-cols structure, and the images are in canvas mode. The first col has an incoming animation, and there is a CTA which calls the users’ attention. The second col has 2 heading layers and they have a text animation which gives a nice visual effect.

Layers in content mode
Layers in content mode in a 1-row 2-cols structure

The image layers are in canvas mode where you can position your layers anywhere in the canvas, and you can put a layer above or below to others. They come in with a nice layer animation, so when the visitor sees the page first, they can read the text below them, then the images come in.

Layers in canvas mode
Layers in canvas mode

How to change the z-index in the slider?

You can change the z-index of the layers by drag & dropping them on the layer list. The layer on the top has higher z-index, so you can change which layer will be above or below other layers.

Specials block

The specials block uses a grid layout, which consists of 2 rows. In the first row there are 3 columns and in the second row there are 2 cols.

Structure of the Specials block
Structure of the Specials block

The first row is special because in the second column another row with 2 cols is used. At this row we have used the wrap after value, so after 1 column the second begins in a new line.

wrap after col

The grid where the textual layers are has a col background color which can change on hover to the color of the slide background giving a special effect to the visitor.

About block

The about block is simple but spectacular because of the parallax effect. Thanks for the fixed slider background you can make a great visual effect on this slider block. You can set the background image to fixed at the Slider settings.

fixed slider background

The other specialty of this block is the play button which can open a YouTube video in a lightbox.

Recipes block

The last slider of the bakery page is the recipes block which consists of 3 columns. There is an image used below the first col in canvas mode, and the 2 other cols have a great hover effect where the background changes and the col get a little box shadow, too.

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