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11 Inspiring Slider Examples for Your Next Website

Raelene Morey
Raelene Morey
January 21, 2024
slider example

Looking for slider examples to inspire your next website design?

Sliders are a fantastic design tool for showcasing the most important content on your site in an eye-catching, engaging, and space-saving way. What’s more, modern sliders have evolved well beyond the simple image carousels of a decade ago, as you’ll see below.

Today, sliders can be anything you want. Want to display company logos? Easily done with a slider. Want a hero header that features video, space for your business’ key message, and call-to-action buttons? You can do that too.

Let’s take a look at some slider examples to get your creative juices flowing.

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1. Hero Header Slider

hero header slider

Live Preview

Let your creative side shine with the Tattoo Studio slider template. This template has a sleek and contemporary design that not only looks great but also adapts perfectly to any device, providing a smooth experience for everyone.

👍 Why it works: This template is perfect for any website because of its simplicity and responsiveness. The navigation is intuitive and includes a custom hover effect, making it engaging for users. Each slide has a unique CTA layer, making navigation and interaction a breeze.

2. Product Carousel

product carousel

Live Preview

Spice up your product showcase with the Full Width Product Carousel template, a cool slider that effortlessly combines style and practicality. By using the Carousel slider type, this template offers a visually stunning full-width layout, ideal for showcasing products and captivating your audience.

👍 Why it works: The Carousel slider is great at showing multiple slides at once, which really gets users interested and makes it easy for them to compare products. You can navigate through the slides using arrows, bullet points, or by dragging, so there are plenty of ways to explore the featured items. Plus, the design is responsive, so it looks great on any device you’re using.

3. Blog Post Carousel

WordPress Post carousel

Live Preview

This kind of slider example lets you display your latest WordPress posts using your featured images as the background. What’s more, with Smart Slider 3 your post carousels will update dynamically each time you publish a new post. That means you can focus on your writing without having to worry about manually updating your slides in WordPress.

👍 Why this works: This style of blog post carousel is ideal if you want to incorporate your WordPress posts as a section on your homepage. Plus, tablet and mobile users will be able to swipe through your posts with ease.

4. Logo carousel

Logo carousel

Live Preview

Displaying the logos of the businesses you work with is a proven social proof technique, i.e. if Pizza Hut works with you, you must have a great business. With a logo carousel like this one, you can easily display client logos in a prominent space on your Homepage or About page. Plus, with infinity scrolling enabled, it will instantly catch your visitors’ eyes.

👍 Why it works: For businesses that have worked with a large number of clients, a constantly looping logo carousel like this one lets you show off lots of logos in a small space without having to display them all at once.

5. Instagram Carousel

Instagram Carousel

Live Preview

Upgrade your website with the Instagram Carousel slider template and bring the vibes of your Instagram feed right to your website audience. This eye-catching slider effortlessly converts your Instagram posts into a captivating carousel, giving your website visitors a stylish way to dive into your content.

👍 Why it works: The Instagram Carousel’s layout takes advantage of the browser’s horizontal space, giving you a full-width view. With its arrows, bullets, and touchscreen swiping, the Carousel slider makes it super easy to navigate through the content. Plus, the rounded corners of each slide add a cool card-like look that makes everything even more appealing.

6. Fullscreen Slider

fullscreen slider

Live Preview

Take a cosmic adventure with our Undiscovered Universe slider template, created to take your website to new heights. Engage your visitors, by showcasing stunning visuals and enchanting animations that transport them to otherworldly places.

👍 Why it works: The Undiscovered Universe template grabs your attention with its captivating full-width layout, instantly making a visual impact on your webpage. With its seamless navigation options like horizontal dragging, keyboard controls, custom arrows, and rotating planet images, it guarantees an engaging and user-friendly experience.

7. Landing Page

Landing Page

Live Preview

Treat your guests to the irresistible Bakery slider template, ideal for displaying the mouthwatering treats from your bakery. This demo website consists of five sliders that work together seamlessly, providing an engaging and informative experience for users.

👍 Why it works: The Bakery page example is a great showcase of a one-page website, offering a delightful experience. It has a top navigation bar that includes a logo, menu, and icons, allowing users to smoothly scroll to different sliders using the ScrolltoAlias action. Each slider is equipped with an alias, making navigation even more efficient.

8. Full-page Slider

Fullpage Slider

Live Preview

Upgrade your content with the Office Exercises slider template, a lively presentation that blends captivating visuals, smooth animations, and easy-to-use navigation. Designed specifically for busy professionals, this slider is the ideal resource to showcase a healthier lifestyle and enhance your fitness content.

👍 Why it works: The Office Exercises template uses a simple slider design that creates a captivating and engaging experience. By taking up the entire page, the slider becomes the main focus, removing any distractions and enabling visitors to effortlessly navigate through each exercise. The intuitive navigation options, such as dragging, bullet points, and arrows, cater to different preferences.

9. Shape Divider

Shape Divider

Live Preview

The Animal Shelter template is a perfect blend of captivating design and visuals. Not only does it feature a simple slider type and full-width display, but it also incorporates subtle shape dividers, layer effects, and mesmerizing background animations.

👍 Why it works: The Animal Shelter template is designed to provide a simple yet captivating visual experience with its full-width display. By eliminating distractions and highlighting your content, it ensures an immersive experience for your visitors. The inclusion of shape dividers, seamlessly integrated above and below slides, adds a touch of elegance to the design and enhances its overall aesthetic appeal.

10. Testimonial Slider

Testimonial Slider

Live Preview

This testimonial slider features a minimalist design that is easy to read. The logos stand out and the photo helps visitors visualize who the quotes belong to. In addition, the navigation arrows and dots make it easy for visitors to scroll through and see other testimonials.

👍 Why it works: Similar to logo carousels, testimonial sliders let you display social proof. Social proof reassures potential customers and clients that you’re the real deal and they can trust you.

11. Groups of Sliders

Groups of Sliders

Live Preview

Introduce your brand with ease using the Gibraltar template. It’s a simple and user-friendly solution that showcases a clean design and eye-catching layer animations. This template is flexible and can be used as a dynamic business portfolio or an engaging company website, providing various options to meet your requirements.

👍 Why it works: With its cleverly designed captivating layers, flexible layouts, and flawless responsiveness, this template guarantees an engaging and user-friendly experience, making it the perfect option for businesses aiming to make a strong online impact. The dynamic features of the template, such as CTA buttons and imaginative animations, further enhance its ability to grab and hold visitors’ attention.

Wrapping Up

These are just some examples to show you what can easily be achieved with the right slider plugin and the right design. For more inspiration, check out the impressive sliders featured in Example Sliders, which include customizable sliders, blocks, and page templates.

Plus, you’ll be happy to know all of the examples featured in this article are available to customize with Smart Slider 3! Download the plugin for free today.

Raelene Morey

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