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Free Layer Slider

Description: If you’re looking for a really simple free slider with layers then this is the best choice for you.

Free: Give Smart Slider 3 a try for free. Download now!

Minimum version: 3.3.0


Smart Slider 3 is your best choice of creating a free layer slider plugin for WordPress. If you look around, or have already searched for a slider plugin, you probably observed something. If you search for a free slider plugin, most of them let you add some images, maybe some text. I have good news for you: with our free layer slider you can make your page unique. Namely, by adding as many layers as you want. So, you can also customize them all, without using any code, but with an easy interface, such as font, color, size, background, alignment, and so on. Besides, you can use our plugin for WordPress, Joomla, Magento and native HTML sites too. So, I encourage you to give it a try, by downloading it.

Saving Time For You

Firstly, you can choose sliders from our free slider template library. These are ready to use, correctly and fully set up. You don’t need any major customization. These are the frequently asked premade sliders. Like the Free Responsive Image Slider. You can insert unlimited images to improve the appearance of your page. Or the Free Full Width Slider. This one matches the popular full width WordPress size. Replace our content with your own and you are ready to publish. We constantly expand the (free and pro version as well).

Similarly, the free layer slider has a solution fire on, if you want a bit of customization. You can add slides to your own slider from our premade slide library. We also have a theme kit at your service, called Orion. It contains more than 100 templates. To reach them faster, we organized them in categories. Each of the templates is unique, modern and easy to select, or fully customisable, if you will. All of them has a dark and a light version, so you can find the best one for you. This way, you can add one premade element to your custom slider, or you can use it, if you want to make a mix of our slides. You can also place its content with your own. If you have something in your mind, feel free to use and style your own layers with ease.

Personalize your Layers

In the Smart Slider 3, you can add heading, text, button and image layers to your slider. Each layer has a design tab. This allows you to choose from preset settings, or style your own. You can change every detail of your layer with ease. For example, we have 750 Google Fonts integrated: type in the font family, and the plugin will recognize it. To save time, you can save your font settings for later use. If you want all your Headings to look alike. Don’t worry, if you don’t want to search in Google Fonts. We integrated some widely preferred fonts as well. Also, you can change the font size, weight, line height, alignment, decoration and more in the font-style manager. They put you only a few clicks away from achieving the desired result. You can also add media from Vimeo and YouTube. Moreover, it will only take you a few seconds. Here you can customize the cover image, volume and quality. And I only named a few of the traits.

Responsiveness at Its Best

One of the free layer slider’s best traits is, that you can choose what device (desktop, tablet, mobile) to show each layer on. It helps you with optimizing the responsiveness of your slider. Also, you can change the font size on each platform, apart from each other. You can change the paddings or margins as well on each device separately. You might also edit, after how many columns you want to wrap your content. You can also chain your layers together. This way you can position them relatively close to each other. So, you improve the responsiveness more. Additionally, these and other minor changes help you create perfect responsiveness.

Two Modes to Fit Your Needs

At first, the free layer slider only had a Canvas editing mode. This is great to create your imagined layouts. It is more useful, if you need to put many layers on each other. With so many layers on your plate, it is quite hard to make the result responsive. Because of this, we developed the content mode. When you select it, all the layers you add will get into a Content group. You can design your content’s structure by adding rows and columns exactly like in the widely known page builder. Or you can add layers beneath each other.. You get the best results by mixing these two modes. Keep the main content in Content mode, decorate it with Canvas mode, then the responsiveness is guaranteed.

Best free layer slider on the market

As you can see, the free version has all the features to build a unique and colorful slider. You can freely use elements, that are frequently available in only premium plugins. Customization won’t cost you anything either. You won’t have the impression of having a basic slider. Feel free to look around, you will barely find anything similar to our plugin. You might want to animate it, or just want other extras, like the so popular parallax effect to your background, or the lightbox feature, in which you can put any content you’d like. We have recently added Shape Dividers too. This makes your page look trendy and modern. In turn, you can use it to add some movement to your site as well. In need of these extras, you can upgrade anytime to the pro version. This allows you to choose the type of your sliders. We currently have Simple, Carousel, Showcase, Accordion and Block types. Moreover, it has more controls and layers. We also made a lot of generators available. Besides, full access to our demo sliders is ready to use. You have expert mode available, which gives you more freedom to customize your content. Without losing any of your sliders! You can only gain by trying our product for free. All in all, free or pro, Smart Slider 3 is your easiest and best choice of creating your sliders.

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