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Steak Bistro
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Steak Bistro
Where Fine Food & Passion Become One
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Filet mignon

Topped with blue cheese & roasted walnuts served with port wine reduction sauce...

Roasted Pumpkin Soup

A sweet, creamy fall soup flavored with bacon, shallots and roasted pumpkin...

Steak au poivre

Grilled NY steak served with a green peppercorn & brandy sauce...

chicken souvlaki

In a pita with red-ripened tomatoes, shredded lettuce and mustard sauce...

Mushroom tagliatelle

With cheese and garlic sauce create a perfect vegetarian date-night menu...

Blackberry Pie

One of our all-time favorites pie is bursting with plump, refreshing wild blueberries.


Steak Bistro

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Description: On this demo page you can find 4 Blocks and 1 Slider. As you can see with Smart Slider 3 you can build gorgeous one page site. Use the navigation on the first block or scroll down because every section contain something special. And yes, blocks are made with Smart Slider 3!

Premium: Gain access to all slider templates with a single purchase.

Minimum version:


Smart Slider for WordPress is an interactive slide editor tool, but we discovered that our fantastic editor interface is great in building static section for WP sites. The difference between a slider and a section is simple, Section can only contain one slide. Our approach allows you to make slider from a block by changing its slider type to a real slider type (Simple, Carousel, Showcase or Accordion). So block type is really good, if you want to make simple presentation or an impressive animation for your website which do not need slide switching. This type brings a fresh approach to building modern websites.
Block WordPress slider type

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Fixed background section

As you might see on this section, the slider’s background image seems fixed. When you scroll up and down the image holds its position and you can only see a slice from the actual background image. You can find this setting in the slider settings view on the General tab when expert mode enabled. Please note: this feature only works if you set the slider’s background image.
Fixed background in WordPress

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Link with extras

By default you can just copy-paste links from one place to another. In Smart Slider 3, you can use the old technique, but we made an interactive way to work with links. With Link window, you can create in-built lightboxes and custom events like, go-to-next-slide, go-to-previous-slide, scroll-to-a-specific-position-on-the-page etc… On WordPress and Joomla you can choose from your articles and posts with search.
Link lightbox

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Carousel section

Carousel slider type is a little bit similar to the showcase slider type. The main difference between the two, that carousel slider type has a pane where multiple slides can sit (Smart Slider 3 calculates the number of the slides which fits). When the slider switches to the next slide, in the WordPress Carousel the slider switches to the next pane instead.
Carousel type

Ken Burns effect section

The Ken Burns effect is a type of panning and zooming effect used in video production from still imagery. The name derives from extensive use of the technique by American documentarian Ken Burns. In WordPress with Smart Slider 3 Ken Burns effect can be added to the slide backgrounds. In our Ken Burns editor, you can switch from our preset library and you can customize each of the Ken burns effect with custom focus point. Just click on your image anywhere and that point will be focused during the Ken burns effect.
How to create Ken Burns effect in WordPress post or page

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