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10 Creative Template Ideas to Enrich Your Website

Ramona Nemeth-Csoka
Ramona Nemeth-Csoka
October 5, 2022

One of the most challenging parts of web design is to create something fresh looking. Something that will not look like every other website. Yet, the design needs to feel similar, to allow easy navigation through the page. So, how do you create something that’s unique yet familiar? By channeling your creativity and designing a creative template.

What makes a template creative?

A creative template helps to make the website unique and exciting. Common practices of creative design are making things interactive. For example, elements animating when the mouse is over them, or when the visitor scrolls. An interactive design helps to make sure that the visitor is not a passive viewer. Instead, they become active participants of your website.

Another creative tool is using custom and original illustrations. Illustrations, especially if they’re unique, help establish your brand. In other words, they help visitors recognize you more easily. So, it’s worth enriching your creative template with them.

You can also showcase your creativity with your font choices. For example, you can use an unusual font family to display certain parts of your content. Fonts are important, because they’re responsible for displaying your texts. For this reason, you need to choose them carefully and pay attention to legibility. It doesn’t matter how good your copy is if the font makes it hard to read. So, you should choose a more traditional font for long texts. However, an unusual font at the headings and buttons can have a positive effect.

Use colors to look creative

You can’t create a creative template using plain and simple colors, like black and white. You need to use more vibrant colors, which also look great together. There are many awesome online tools that help you generate a good looking color palette. Some of the best are:

  • simply type in a HEX color and hit Generate. You’ll get lots of cool color palettes to work with.
  • Canva offers many ready made color palettes to choose from. However, if you want to use a specific color, it can generate matching colors for you.
  • Choose from a bunch of ready made color palettes, or have Coolors generate one for you.

10 creative template examples for inspiration

Are you ready to get some creative inspiration? We’ve collected 10 super creative templates for you. They can help you give the necessary inspiration to create your own creative site. If you don’t like starting from scratch, that’s okay, too. You can import these templates to Smart Slider 3 Pro and fine-tune them to your needs.

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1. Digital Art

Digital Art creative template

Live Preview

What’s so creative about the Digital Art template? First, it uses gorgeous digital illustrations, which make the template look creative. Second, it’s interactive. Hovering on any images brings up information about that picture. This interactivity is creative and also allows enjoying the picture in full.

2. Banking App

Banking App creative template

Live Preview

The Banking App is a modern template, using mostly black and white colors. However, it also uses a vibrant highlight color. As a result, the template looks more creative and interesting. In fact, each slide has its own color to make it more engaging. The first slide uses green, the second uses purple and the third uses orange.

3. Broken Grid Slider

broken grid slider creative template

Live Preview

What makes this template creative is that it breaks the grid. A broken grid layout is a special kind of web page layout. It defines the standard grid layout by overlapping elements. As a result, some parts of the image could move under the text box.

4. SEO Agency

SEO agency creative template

Live Preview

Do you remember when we talked about illustrations in creative template design? Well, this example has plenty of them. There’s a custom illustrated figure on each slide to give the creative touch which helps you stand out. Additionally, it’s also interactive, because the circle reacts to the mouse movement. How cool is that?

5. Instagram Slider

Creative Instagram slider template

Live Preview

This template is a great example for a creative template for a couple of reasons. First, it breaks the grid by letting the text overflow the image. This is outstandingly creative and provides a memorable experience. Second, it uses cool animations. See how the main image moves in from bottom to top, and the shape comes in from top to bottom?

6. Car Rental

Live Preview

It’s easy to recognize a creative template when it uses vibrant colors. Like this Car Rental example, which uses 5 gorgeous and energetic colors. Besides, the animations look neat, too.

7. Header Illustration

header illustration

Live Preview

Beautiful illustrations, cool effects, interactivity and emojis. This sounds like the secret recipe of building a fine creative template. But the Header Illustration template does not hold any secrets. In fact, it’s here to help you make your site more creative looking.

8. Advertising Agency

Live Preview

If you look at the Advertising Agency template, it might look a bit empty. Even if it looks interesting, it feels empty, because the right side does not display anything. However, this seemingly empty block will pique the visitor’s interest. For that reason, they’ll start poking around and realize that it’s interactive. Images and videos appear on the empty right side, giving a creative touch to the template.

9. Flower Shop

full screen divi slider

Live Preview

The Flower Shop is not the most colorful one from our creative template list. However, it has its place due to the awesome animations it has. It’s also interactive because it has a custom CTA button that switches slides.

10. 404 Illustration

Live Preview

Creative template designers love illustrations. This block contains plenty of animated shapes to create an interesting layout. Additionally, some shapes react to the mouse movement, making it interactive.


It’s hard to create fresh designs when visitors expect similarity on websites. Similarly structured websites make it easy to find their way around. Luckily, using a creative template can help you stand out from the crowd of identical sites. Additionally, it can enrich the visitors’ experience and make your site memorable. Why not start designing a creative template today?

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