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7 Blue Templates for Your Site

Ramona Nemeth-Csoka
Ramona Nemeth-Csoka
September 8, 2022

When you design a website you probably spend a lot of time figuring out its color scheme. The colors you choose need to look great together after all. But did you know all colors have their own meaning? For that reason it’s worth taking the meaning into account when you design a site. In this article we’ll dig into why you should consider building a blue template for your site.

Blue color: meaning and psychology

Blue is one of the three primary colors. (The other two colors are red and yellow.) This basically makes blue a super important color in our color palette. In fact, it’s a popular color to use on the web. Being a primary color seems to explain its popularity, but blue is not a favored color because it’s one of the primary ones. It’s a common color to use because of what it means.

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Despite being a cold color, people associate blue with warm feelings. Such as calmness, peace, trustworthiness and safety. No wonder its shades are the color of choices for law enforcement offices worldwide.

Blue is often a favored color to decorate offices as people are more productive in blue rooms. This is especially true for lighter shades, as they help focusing on details of a task. However, darker shades help improve our problem solving skills.

Why is it worth using the blue color on the web?

The blue color promotes trust and dependability. Trust is something all businesses want their customers to feel. That is why many of them use blue in their online presence. If you think of blue colored websites, probably two of the most popular social media sites will come to mind. One of them is Facebook, which uses a darker shade of blue and the other is Twitter using a lighter shade.

Since the blue color suggests trust and loyalty, it appears on many websites. It can seem like an overused color despite having a large variety of shades. Additionally, it works with a good variety of other color shades. For instance, combining blue with different shades of gray implies the website is high-tech.

There’s a common topic between different shades of blue on websites. Lighter shades usually appear on websites which are about health, travel, wellness or other kinds of relaxation. However, legal firms prefer darker shades of blue.

7 blue templates to inspire you

Blue is a great color to have on your site to help build trust. I’ve collected 7 blue templates to inspire you to create websites that build trust. You can import these templates to your Smart Slider Pro installation with just one click and start using them on your site.

1. Hero Slider

hero slider blue template

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The Hero Slider is a great choice for a business website. It helps introduce the business itself. It presents the latest works or even the services of the business. What makes this slider look special is that different shades of blue appear on each slide of the template. As a result the slider looks more interesting.

2. Testimonial Carousel

testimonial carousel

Live Preview

This slider takes advantage of the psychology of the blue color in a different manner. It uses blue to build trust in what people have said about the business. In other words, it’s the best choice for a testimonial slider!

3. Security Block

Security Block blue template

Live Preview

Remember when we talked about the blue color being associated with safety? Well, this makes the blue color perfect for security-related websites. It’s also a good choice to create a blue slider if you have a security site.

4. Healthcare

Healthcare blue template

Live Preview

Blue shades work great for sites that are about health due to its calming nature. This includes sites for hospitals or for any other healthcare facilities. This template uses blue in its headings and section backgrounds.

5. Particle Carousel

particle carousel blue template

Live Preview

What could be a better color to showcase your services than blue? It helps build trust and dependability. In fact, both are essential for visitors to choose a company to work with. As a result, the Particle Carousel is a great blue template to start with.

6. Team Slider

Team slider blue template

Live Preview

Introducing your team in a nice looking slider is a great way to build trust. So is using the blue color in the above mentioned slider. The darker shade makes your site look more serious, almost like a law-firm’s site would be.

7. Headphone

blue template headphone block

Live Preview

This slider uses blue color to build trust and get more sales. Ecommerce sites can’t exist without trust, as no one would buy from a store that doesn’t seem credible. Of course, using a blue template is not enough to convince visitors to become customers, but it’s a good first step.


When designing a good website template, it’s important to choose colors that look good together. But it’s also rewarding to consider using color psychology to strengthen the connection between the site and the color scheme. If you want your site to say you are trustworthy and stable, you should consider creating a blue template. After all, you want your visitors to trust your brand, don’t you?

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