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Header Illustration

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The biggest challenge for any web designer is to craft a creative website for their clients. They use various techniques to amaze everyone who visits the website. One of today’s coolest trends uses illustrations. An illustration can make any website leave a memorable experience for the visitor. The most common approach to present such graphics is a header illustration. A header illustration helps grab the visitors’ attention as fast as possible.

Highlights of the Header Illustration slider

The cool illustrations are the best parts of this slider. They occupy more than half of the slider, so it’s hard to miss them. The solid illustrations raise the visitors’ attention and give a neat look to the slider. At the right side of the slider, you can see colorful shapes in the background. These are the blobs, which have the mouse parallax effect, and this gives a fun touch to the slider. The shape divider at the bottom is the coolest floor you’ve ever seen in any header.

The first slide of the illustration header has two large CTA buttons, which you can use for navigation. Also, there’s a layer event connected to each button. When you hover on them an animation launches on the right side. This subtle effect gives a nice touch to the header slider.

Changing the starting slide of your slider

When you create a slider and publish it, it will start on the first slide by default. But Smart Slider 3 gives you more control over this, as it lets you change the first slide. This way you can decide which slide you want to start your slideshow on. When we created the Header Illustration slider, we made it start on the second slide, which is in the middle.

Show interesting statistics with the counter layer

When you click on the first CTA button it takes you to the last slide of this slider. You can find a bunch of new illustrations and blobs here, and the parallax effect is present as well. What’s pretty cool on this slide is the counters. With the counter layer, you can count from a given number to another. This lets you create for instance, animated statistics for your illustration slider.

You can find two CTA buttons on this slide as well. You can use one of them to go back to the starting slide, where the adventure started. The second CTA will be useful to link to any page on your site.

Put images next to your texts easily

The second CTA button of the starter slide switches to the first slide of the slider. This slide has another beautiful header illustration for your visitors to enjoy. Apart from the illustrations, the slide has a special layer: the image box.

The image box lets you display a single image, a heading and a text next to each other. You don’t need to create a new row with two columns, which speeds up your workflow and simplifies the slider. Changing the position of the image takes only one click.

Where to get free illustrations for your website?

Do you want to start using gorgeous illustrations on your WordPress or Joomla site? Here are some of our favorite illustrations you can download and use on your site.

1.Ouch Illustration Packs

ouch illustration

Get Ouch Illustrations

This amazing site contains dozens of unique and free illustration packs in different style. This makes sure they’ll fit well to any project you’ve got in mind. You can download illustrations in 17 styles for 23 typical UX screens.


humaaans illustration

Get Humaaans

Mix-&-match illustrations of people with a design library. This beautiful kit contains all you can ask for, from characters to useful objects and scenes. The author even provides beautiful backgrounds you can choose from. Rotate and position the elements and create your own illustration for you next WordPress site.


undraw illustration

Get unDraw

UnDraw is an open-source illustration project that you can use completely free. What could be a better start for your header slider or block than this browseable website?

Wrapping up the Header Illustration Slider

Whenever you start a new project, you need to find a creative way to present the website. Finding a couple of illustrations your new project can benefit from is a great start. You might also edit the illustration to give it a bit more details. For instance, we edited all people on the slider above by coloring them and adding textures. The more detailed header illustration makes better impression on your visitors.

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