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When you run a personal blog, your blog is your brand, which you need to build.It might be more challenging to build a brand to a blog than to do the same for a company or product.While blogs don’t necessarily have a strait target audience, its challenging advertise them.For instance, you can’t put stickers on your local buses or trucks to advertise your blog.And when you start advertising your blog and wait for the readers, it doesn’t hurt having a nice landing page.Smart Slider 3 is a great tool to help you building a memorable landing page for your personal blog.

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Description: Your blog is your brand. Introduce it with a nice and interactive landing page.

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Landing page sliders at the Blogger template

In Smart Slider 3, you can create nice looking sliders and simple block. These blocks offer all the layers you have at a slider, but they show only one slide. Therefore, they’re perfect tools to create a landing page, as you can build them in a visual editor. This Blogger template features both stunning blocks and amazing sliders. So let’s have a look at the greatest features!

Introduction block

The template starts with an introduction block, which features the blogger herself.
You can learn more about her, such as see a picture and read a short introduction. Having a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram page is essential for a blog. And it’s nice to provide links to these social channels at the top of the page. You can also find a logo and a navigaton menu at the top of the block. The whole block was created using Content builder mode, so it’s responsive behavior is marvelous.

Dynamic post slider showing the most recent posts

It’s hard to imagine a blogger template without showing featured blog posts. At this template, the dynamic post slider comes right below the introduction block. This order clearly states how important the posts are on the blog. The slider shows the post’s featured image, title, author creation date in a modern way. There is also a nice layer animation to give an extra touch to the slide. The most interesting part of this slider is its navigation. The navigation uses the Thumbnail controlwithout images. It only shows the title and description of the slide, and that makes it look nice.

Another creative ways to use a block slider

The next three sliders are nice looking block as well. The first one is an about section with a nice call to action button to contact the blog author. The second block is much more interesting. It shows three different images, and in front of them, there is three call to action block. These blocks urge the visitor to take action. For instance, visit a category page or learn more about the author or follow her on Instagram. Oh, and they’re using the scroll parallax effect. The third is a featured post slider, showing the most popular post of the blog.

Dynamic instagram slider

Social media presence is important for every blogger. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the fastest and most convenient ways to be in touch with the community. And of course, it’s always nice to show the images uploaded on Instagram on your main blog. The images look great on the landing page, and a showcase slider is the greatest way to present them. Showcase sliders can show many slides at the same time, so they’re great to show images from Instagram. Also, there isn’t a better way to get the readers to check out the author on a social media site than seeing proof that its worth it.

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