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10 Stunning Business Templates for Your Website

Ramona Nemeth-Csoka
Ramona Nemeth-Csoka
November 7, 2022

SThe Internet is one of today’s best marketing platforms. That’s because people spend more time on their phones (or computers) than watching TV. Just take a look at people who use public transport: most of them are on their phones. So, the Internet is where most people can see advertisements or just to find things. As a result, you can reach more people online than offline.

Why does your business need a website?

If your business does not have a website, you give your competitors a huge advantage. See, people check out businesses they want to work with, or purchase from. But if your business has no website, your potential customers can’t find you and can’t check you out. So, they will not consider doing any business with you. This can make you lose potential revenue.

If you’re selling goods, you consider having a website even more. Especially a website that allows people to order stuff online. In the past few years online shopping has grown fast. In fact, the global online shopping market size nearly hit 4 trillion in 2020. So, allowing people to buy online opens up new business opportunities for you.

What makes a good website?

A good website helps your business reach more potential customers. It’s optimized for SEO to help customers find you using their favorite search engine. A good website also lets you showcase your products or services in great detail. For example, you can describe them with text, images or videos. Potential customers like to check the details of a product before spending money. So, having lots of videos, images and text can be very convincing.

Additionally, a good business website also helps you connect with your customers. Generally, it offers a contact form, which visitors can use to ask pre-sales questions. Additionally, it provides you a way to handle any kind of user feedback.

Why should you use business templates

Creating a good looking page is not easy, especially if you don’t have an eye for design. This is where templates come into play. Templates are ready to use websites, sliders or blocks. In fact, generally they are made by designers, so they look great. Additionally, you can easily add them to your website. For example, importing a template using Smart Slider is a one click process. Then you can customize it to match your business’ needs.

Not only do business templates help create tasteful sites, but they also speed up the building process. Creating a good looking block or slider from scratch can take lots of time. It can involve some trial and error to get things right. Additionally, you might decide you don’t like the end result. When you use a template, you know exactly how things will look in the end. They’re also huge time savers, as you don’t have to build them from scratch.

10 business template examples for inspiration

Do you need a good looking business template? I’ve collected 10 beautiful templates for you to choose from. They’re great sources of inspiration on your journey to create a business template. Additionally, you can import them into Smart Slider pro with one click. Furthermore, you can change them in any way after the import. For example, you can replace the images, change the colors and the text.

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1. Agency

Agency business template

Live Preview

The Agency is one of the best business templates you can find. It’s a one page template, which means it contains several blocks. Thus, it has plenty of sections to introduce your business properly. You can use the header section to introduce your business in a way that people will want to scroll below. Then you can introduce your services to encourage people to work with you. Additionally, there’s a section to showcase client logos.

2. Advertising Agency

Advertising Agency business template

Live Preview

This template helps you create a stunning, modern section for your business website. It has powerful visual tools, like a video, to introduce your business to your visitors. Apart from being attractive, it’s also super refreshing to see.

3. Bakery

Bakery business template

Live Preview

Here’s another one page business template for you to check out. It introduces a bakery, but it’s suitable to introduce any other business. The template starts with a menu, followed by a slider that shows the best products. If you like it, don’t hesitate to use it!

4. Gym Slider

Live Preview

Sliders are great to help you save space on your site. They act like a container and group similar content into one section. Thus, the Gym Slider is a great way to introduce your services.

5. Split Slider

Live Preview

If you’re looking for a business template that dresses to impress, you’ve found the perfect template. This slider will help you introduce your projects and services in a stunning way.

6. Blogger

Blogger business template

Live Preview

You don’t have to be a blogger to take advantage of the Blogger one page template. But it’s a great starting business template because it has lots of features businesses need. First, there’s a nice header and a menu for navigation. Then there’s a slider that you can use in many ways. It can display your latest blog posts, your products or your services. Finally, there are nice sections to introduce every part of your business.

7. Conference

Live Preview

Nowadays most websites are full width. So, if you want to stand out from the crowd, you should consider creating a non-full width website. The Conference is a boxed business template, which you can change to your heart’s content. Currently it showcases a conference, but you can use it for any other purposes. For example, you can adjust it to fit a photography website.

8. Full Page Hotel

Live Preview

This template is super useful for real estate websites. Currently it presents three different hotels. However, if you need to display more content, you can duplicate any of the existing slides. Then, just replace the demo content with your own. After that your beautiful, full page business template slider will be ready to use.

9. Ken Burns

Ken Burns slider business template

Live Preview

How cool would it be to introduce your business in one single template slider? Well, this template helps you do just that. It’s a simple slider with 3 slides, and each of them is dedicated to display a different part of your business.

10. Hero Slider

hero slider

Live Preview

This hero slider is a business template that makes sure your visitors learn about your latest work before they scroll. It’s especially useful for agencies that do presentable work. But if you prefer, you can always add your services instead.


People browse a lot. They use the Internet to connect with their friends and to discover new things. This includes new shops where they can buy things from. But they can also find new companies to do business with. So, a good online presence is important to gain more customers and build a brand. Luckily, nowadays it’s easy to have a website. In fact, you can start from a great looking business template.

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