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WordPress Carousel Post Slider

Description: A carousel type slider can show multiple slides at a time, making your WordPress Post Slider look fabulous.

Premium: Gain access to all slider templates with a single purchase.

Minimum version:


You have a WordPress website, you blog, you run a webshop. You have content which you would like to showcase in a nice looking slider to impress your visitors and make them reach your not front page content. But you do not want to type your already typed texts, select the already selected image, keep looking for links of the posts that you would like to show, its categories, its tags etc. and constantly maintenance your slider, when a new post is added to your site.

We have a solution for you. It’s called dynamic post generator. It is easy to set up a dynamic WordPress post slider, check out our video!

How does the dynamic post generator work?

This wonderful feature automatically fetches your posts which match your selected filters (category and tags) and create a slide out of them (which you can customize as you would customize a single slide). Once the cache time expires, the generator automatically looks for new posts in your website, saving you the time and effort that would be taken to create a new slide, copy and paste your textual and visual content and add the correct links to wherever you need.

Yes, I mean you have access to all content of your post: the set featured image, the actual content, the URL, the post title, the categories, the tags and the custom fields you have at the dynamic slide, and you can create any layers to show them.

There is one great advantage, which I have already mentioned, but I was just scratching its surface: the dynamic slide generators are automatic. This means that you only have to set it up once, and the generator will do the rest of the job without you having to constantly check on it to make sure that it grabbed the posts you have added. Even if the cache time makes the slider look for the new posts with a small delay (from 1 to 24 hours, depending on the set cache time), you can be sure that your posts will appear automatically in your slider.

Other dynamic sources

It seems like a pretty great feature, doesn’t it? Just wait until it gets better. You can even showcase your WooCommerce products or your events (e.g. from The Events Calendar plugin). All layers, all slider types (the most popular choices for such sliders are the simple type, the carousel type and the showcase type), all responsive modes (like the full width or full page), all controls (arrows, bullets and thumbnails) are available: just like when you are creating a regular slide.

For products, we believe that the WordPress Carousel slider (like the demo above) is the best choice – it can show multiple products of your selected categories at the same time. Naturally, you can show your posts in the very same slider type, and the same advantage remains. And the result will be fabulous.

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