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Carousel with Lightbox

Description: Carousel slider is a great option to show more images to the visitor in a smaller view, and with the lightbox feature you can open the images in a larger view.

Premium: Gain access to all slider templates with a single purchase.

Minimum version:


Carousel sliders are the best sliders for dynamic slide generators. Of course they’re also great to create non-dynamic galleries. Their main advantage is that they save space on the website. They can do this by showing a couple of slides next to each other in a responsive way. The Carousel slider’s basic responsive behavior is that it displays as many slides as can fit into the available space. For instance, if there’s enough space to show 3 slides only, then this is how many slides you’ll see. The remaining space will be divided equally to create space between each slide and the slider. As the screen and slider gets smaller, you’ll see fewer slides next to each other. Depending on your set slide size, there’s a high chance that you’ll only see one slide on mobile.

Due to the limited size of each slide, you’d better use small background images to optimize the page loading. This makes the biggest benefit of a WordPress Carousel one of the biggest disadvantage. Due to the limited size available for each image, it’s hard to enjoy them fully. To ensure that the visitor can do so, you’ll need to use lightboxes. There are two ways to use lightboxes in Smart Slider 3. You can either use the slide link and manually add the lightbox to each slide. Here you can either select the same image as you use for background, or pick a new, bigger image. The other option you have is creating a lightbox automatically from each slide’s background. In this case, the slider will automatically use the small images inside the lightbox but you can use the Custom lightbox image feature to select a different image. What’s the best part of this feature is that you can pick a different picture for desktop, tablet and mobile. This helps further optimizing your slider. You can even select an image for retina screens, both desktop, tablet and mobile.

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