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Post Slider Carousel

Description: Use the Post Slider Carousel example of Smart Slider 3 Pro in your dynamic slider and show your latest or featured posts next to each other!

Premium: Gain access to all slider templates with a single purchase.

Minimum version:


Smart Slider 3 has a special slider type, the Carousel which is perfect to create an amazing slider. WordPress carousel can show more slides next to one another which means you can recommend for example more blog posts at once. The carousel displays the slides in a trendy card-like design, which guarantees the good responsive behavior. This gives another reason to use it for creating a Post Slider but you can use this type as a Product Slider as well.

This template is a full width slider so your slider will be 100% width of your page, but a 500px maximum height is set, and because of that your slider can’t be bigger. But you should pay attention, because when content editing mode is used, your slide’s height is based on the layers and all the slides’ height are based on your highest slide. Even if you set a maximum slider height.

The carousel slider type is available in the Pro version of Smart Slider 3. This carousel has 1200px maximum pane width, whose value defines the maximum width of how far your slides can go within the slider. The slides have 360px width with 20px minimum slide distance, so you will see 3 slides next to one another. The carousel is fully responsive, so on smaller devices you will see 2 or 1 slide, which can fit the available space.

Besides, the slider is touch friendly, your mobile visitors won’t have troubles with it. To make the navigation easy and convenient, the slider has both arrows and bullets. Bullets are great to allow a quick navigation and show how many slides there are to see. In this slider the single switch mode is turned off so you can switch the whole pane, but if you turn it on, you can change only one slide, not the entire pane.

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