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Wonderful Holiday – Animated image layers to make living sliders

With the image layer you can place images anywhere on your slides. There are several features, which makes the image layer more interactive, like the layer parallax effect, and if they are small, you can optimize the loading times of these images with the “Layer image embed into HTML” option. You can also use the style editor to modify how your image shows up, for example you could make it round, give it a border, or make it transparent a little bit.

Wonderful Holiday

Description: Nextend team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!

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You can either insert image layers by clicking on the Image layer button, or simply drag ‘n drop them
You can either insert image layers by clicking on the Image layer button, or simply drag ‘n drop them

Layer image embed into HTML

If you have many small images, as we do at our City demo slider, then the loading of the slider could take a while, because loading more images take a lot of time. It is because of two reasons: there can only be a limited number of parallel connection to your website, and when you have many files, they have to wait for each other to load. The other reason is that every file you load has to connect to your server to ask for that file. In the future it won’t be a problem as HTTP/2 protocol is made for such cases. To solve this issue on older protocols we made an option to replace your layer images with inline BASE64 encoded images which makes them load with your main site. This way the browser doesn’t have to create new connections to the server for these files. But it’s only suggested for small images, because bigger images can slow down the loading time of your main content, compared to the original page load.

Edit images in Smart Slider 3 – Aviary

There is an online image editor tool called Aviary. It has many great effects and editing options, so if you aren’t a Photoshop genius, but want to make your images look better, give it a shot. The user interface couldn’t be easier to use, yet the available options can make your image look very nice and unique. This is why we integrated this application into our code. The only downside is that you need to make an API to make it work, but you can find a tutorial for that here.

Aviary image editor in Smart Slider 3
Aviary image editor in Smart Slider 3
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