Episode 9:
Why did the first close-up of a black hole take so long to make?

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Podcasts are popular on-demand internet radio talks. In fact, they’re the most popular form of consuming radio content on the go. Podcasts are like radio shows, yet they couldn’t be less different. Radio talks are scheduled sessions, there’s a time and date when they air. Unless you mark this date and time in your calendar, you’ll probably miss the talk and won’t have a chance to ever listen to it. In contrast, podcasts are pre-recorded sessions, which means you can’t miss them. In other words, you can listen to podcasts anytime and anywhere.

The best thing about podcasts is that anyone can create them. Got an interesting topic in mind? Go ahead and record a couple of episodes which others can listen to. Would you like to teach others about a certain topic, like how to create a successful blog? Lots of people would love to listen to your tips and ideas. Especially, if you aim your episodes to WordPress users.

Why should you use a slider for podcasting?

Sliders are attractive and versatile design tools. As a matter of fact, you can use sliders to create basically anything on your WordPress website. For instance, you can use a slider to display a podcast in a tasteful manner. As a result, you can increase the number of your listeners.

You can use a slider to organize your podcasts. For instance, if you create podcasts about many topics, you can use a slider to organize them. In other words, if you talk about blogging, use a slider to display your blog related content. A podcast slider saves the listener’s time and makes the browsing super convenient for them.

Another good reason to use a podcast slider is to stand out of the crowd. According to statistics, there are more than 700,000 active podcasts available. When there’s such high competition, you need to make sure you deliver high quality content. Besides, you need to present your awesome podcast in an elegant way.

7 essential parts you need to create an awesome podcast slider

A good content is always crucial to create an engaging slider. When you create a podcast slider, you need to make sure it has the same quality content as your actual podcast. Here are 7 essential pieces of content any podcast WordPress slider needs.

  1. An audio file. This is obvious, but you definitely need to have your mp3 audio file in your slider ready for listening.
  2. A cover image. Images help telling stories and also make everything more interesting. So pick a cover image which matches the topic of your episode.
  3. Episode title. Make sure to place the title of the episode on your slider. This helps identifying the particular podcast for each listener.
  4. Episode description. You can increase the number of listeners by telling them about the episode. The description should be a short but engaging summary of your podcast episode.
  5. Navigation. After listening to a fascinating podcast, people want to go and listen to the next episode. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to wonder where to find it. So make sure there’s a clear navigation for your listeners to go onwards.
  6. Name the hosts and guests. Unless your podcasts are all about you voicing your opinion, chances are high that other people contribute. Make sure to include their names on your podcast slider, as it can increase the number of your listeners.
  7. Have a subscribe button. When you release a new podcast episode, there’s a good chance the listeners need to wait a couple of days for the next one. Don’t let them hang around, as every day increases the risk of losing them. Let listeners subscribe to your channel and keep up to date with your latest episodes.


Podcasting is quite popular nowadays, because it’s easy to start your own. What’s much more difficult is creating a successful podcast and keep the listeners. Standing out of the crowd isn’t easy, but a well-made podcast slider can definitely help. Why not start using them now?

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