Landscape Photography

Whatever you find in front of you and your camera is a landscape. Be it a stormy sea, a frosty forest or a sky-piercing tower, doused in sunlight.

Food Photography

Like painting, you start with a blank canvas and build. Layer upon layer, you construct the set until you reach the perfect photo.

Drone Photography

Never has it been so easy to capture aerial images of some of the world’s most stunning places. The drone is undoubtedly the wildest photography development in recent memory.

Vehicle Photography

Vehicle photography isn't always easy. It doesn't take much equipment to get started either - just your camera, and a passion for great photos.

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is one of the most popular genres of photography, with good reason. Either for business headshots or arranging a dozen family members for a group image.


Portfolio Categories

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With the portfolio categories slider, you can showcase your portfolio in a modern way. Just import this Smart Slider 3 Pro template, change the images, write a short description for your portfolios and use the slideshow on your portfolio page.

This slider was built with the showcase slider type which is a special type of slider. With a showcase slider you can show more slides at the same time as at the carousels, however, in this case you can showcase not just whole slide even a part of a slide, too. In these kinds of sliders the active slide is in the middle which the visitor will see first and focus on. Clicking on the previous or next slides, you can switch slides, and see the others.

The speciality of the slider is that every slide has different background colors, and every background image is smaller than the size of the slide. What is even more awesome is that if you hover over the button, you can see the same color as the background color is.

Portfolio Categories

If you would like to show more images by clicking on the View gallery button, you can use the lightbox feature, and put a lightbox on the button. In this case you can showcase more images from your portfolio.

At the background images we have used the center fill mode which puts the background image in the center with its original size by default. If you resize the window it won’t change its size based on the screen’s width so it will be cropped on small screens and it will show the image on its focus point. You can change that focus point if you need to. In this template the Y focus point is 50% so the slider is vertically in the middle and the X focus point is 85%, which means that the slider is aligned in the right side. In this template we have worked with 800×540px images, so you can reach the best result, if you work with the same image ratio.

center fill mode

The Portfolio Categories slider is a full width slider so your slider will as big as the width of your screen. On the slides you can see a 1-row 1-col structure with a heading, a description and a CTA button. The row has an incoming layer animation, which attracts the eye and calls the visitors attention and makes your page more powerful.

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