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Layer-glued bent beech frame gives comfortable resilience. The cover is easy to keep clean as it is removable and can be machine washed. The high back gives good support for your neck.


130 cm X 76 cm


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Our sideboards and cabinets come in a choice of styles to help you find the look you want and match your other furniture. Get control of your treasures with our Merida series.


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Wall shelves can help turn your empty walls into a great spot to show off your things. Explore our huge range of wall shelves to find the perfect one to fit into your home.








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Description: On this demo page you can find 1 Simple Slider, 1 Carousel Slider and 1 Block. As you can see with Smart Slider you can build gorgeous landing page in any topic.

Premium: Gain access to all slider templates with a single purchase.

Minimum version:



The Interior slider group stays from 3 sections: there is a slider on the top, then a carousel slider comes, and finally there is a block. You can use this group as a landing page. In Smart Slider you can fully customize the sliders and the layers, so you can add more sliders to this group if you want. And if you publish the group, then the sliders will be under each other, so you don’t need to publish them one by one.

Interior Slider Group


This slider group uses basic layers: headings, texts, buttons and image layers. The slider block has images which are in absolute position. You can use this positioning mode if you want to put layers above or below others.

Layer list


If you check the slider block you can notice the moving images when you scroll up or down. These layers have a layer parallax, so they are moving if you scroll.

Layer parallax

The Interior group is a nice looking and eye-catching landing page, because when it loads, the layers are coming in with nice layer animations, also the texts are coming in with a text animation. With using these animations you can make your page more professional, also they call the visitors attention.


The second slider in this group is a carousel. The carousel slider type is a little bit similar to the showcase slider type. The main difference between the two is that the WordPress Carousel slider has a pane where multiple slides can sit, and Smart Slider calculates the number of the slides which fits, and you can display only whole slides.

Carousel slider


The Interior group is fully responsive. If you check the page on smaller devices, you can see the texts are smaller, and there are layers which are hidden. With hiding a layer you can save space on the slide, and the important content will have enough space, so the visitors can focus on them.

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