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How to Create a Stunning Avada Slider for WordPress

Raelene Morey
Raelene Morey
April 3, 2020
avada slider

Are you thinking about creating an Avada slider for your WordPress site? Avada is the most popular premium theme for WordPress, providing powerful multipurpose options and tools for creating any kind of website.

Avada comes with a purpose-built slider tool, Fusion Slider, which gives you the flexibility to add animated and responsive WordPress sliders to your site. The theme also comes bundled with three more slider plugins — Slider Revolution, LayerSlider, and Elastic Slider — giving you even more options for building stunning Avada sliders for your site.

Avada Theme

But as we’ll explore in this post, when you use these bundled plugins, you won’t be able to access slide libraries, templates, updates, support and other features you thought you paid for when you bought Avada.

So let’s take a look at why the slider plugins that come with Avada don’t provide the full slider functionality you’re probably expecting. We’ll also take a look at the free version of Smart Slider 3, which is a better alternative for creating stunning Avada sliders for WordPress.

The Problem with Bundled Avada Slider Plugins

When you purchase the Avada theme, it comes with four different slider options, which is impressive! Not only does it come with Fusion Slider, which has been developed especially for Avada, but there are three more slider plugins included. Lots of choices, right?

The problem is, the slider plugins that are bundled with Avada lack important features and functionality you need when building a slider for your website, including:

  • You can’t import premium slider libraries or templates,
  • Updates aren’t available, and
  • There’s no premium support.

ThemeForest themes such as Avada offer slider functionality via an extended license that the theme author buys from the plugin developer. This means that:

  • The slider plugins bundled with Avada can only be used with Avada. This means you can’t use these plugins if you switch themes;
  • If you need help, you can’t access support directly from the slider plugin developer. You can only ask Theme Fusion for support (and they might not be able to help you anyway); and
  • Bundled slider plugins can only be updated when new versions of Avada are released, i.e. you have to wait for updates, which leaves your site vulnerable to security threats.

It’s important to know that the four slider plugins that come bundled with Avada are not your only Avada slider options — you can use other slider plugins, too!

In fact, it’s actually a good idea to use a standalone slider plugin, not a bundled one. These slider plugins give you access to more features, updates, and support without any licensing restrictions.

Why Smart Slider 3 is the Best Slider Plugin for Avada Theme?

Smart Slider 3 on WordPress

A better, lightweight and feature-packed solution for Avada sliders is Smart Slider 3 — and, it’s free!

So what makes Smart Slider 3 a great solution for creating an Avada slider? It offers just the right number of features so you can create a beautiful slider with a complex design, all without having to upgrade or purchase a license.

Smart Slider 3 comes with content and canvas editing modes, which allow you to visually build your sliders using drag and drop headings, text, images, buttons and YouTube or Vimeo videos. You can also create layers and control everything from your typography and navigational arrows to your animations and slider autoplay.

If you like working from templates, there are eight free templates to choose from, which you can import and edit to suit your website. Here is an example of one of Smart Slider 3’s free slider templates:

Gradient Slider

The best part is, Smart Slider 3 is really easy to use and the free version comes packed with features that rival most premium slider plugins. There’s a pro version of Smart Slider 3 available, which I’ve compared with Slider Revolution here. But really, the free version is all you need to get started adding a beautiful Avada slider to your website.

How to add Smart Slider 3 to Avada Theme

After you finished working on your new, beautiful sliders, it’s time to make them show up on your site. After all, that’s the reason you made them: to enhance your site with beautiful pictures and effects. Since Avada is a WordPress theme that doesn’t integrate Smart Slider 3, it’s a little bit tricky to make your sliders show up. But worry not, there’s a couple of easy way to add Smart Slider 3 to your website!

Publishing Smart Slider 3 using Fusion Builder

The easiest way to add an Avada Slider to your site using Smart Slider 3 is via Fusion builder. Create a Column, add a new element and search for “Smart Slider 3”. Add this element, then select the slider you want to show.

Smart Slider 3 Avada Element

Using a child theme to add Smart Slider 3

Another great way to add Smart Slider 3 to your Avada theme is using Avada’s child theme. Child Themes allow modifying the theme without an update erasing them. We put together an excellent tutorial which has detailed instructions on how to publish the slider using the child theme.

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Smart Slider 3 - The new way to build a Slider

Beautiful Avada Slider Examples

Do you need inspiration to integrate beautiful sliders to you Avada theme? Check out the following examples with Smart Slider 3!

1. Static Full Page Slider

Static Full Page Slider

Avada’s Cryptocurrency demo looks gorgeous with a full page slider. I chose the Static Slider demo, because its shape divider fit so well to the white section below.

2. Colorful Full Width Slider

Colorful Full Width Slider

SEO is an important part of every website. No wonder ThemeFusion created a beautiful website template targeting agencies who provide SEO services. The Fullwidth slider demo is a perfect fit for this template.

3. Full Page Hotel

Full Page Hotel

A full Page slider gives a nice touch to any website. Avada’s Hotel demo is no different. You can easily add the slider to this demo by disabling the default slider first. Then add the slider you made with Smart Slider 3 using Fusion Builder.


When it comes to Avada sliders, you’re not just restricted to the slider plugins that come bundled with the theme — you can use whatever slider plugin you want!

So why not give Smart Slider 3 a try? The free version comes with more features and functionality than the bundled Avada slider options. Plus, it comes with regular updates and expert support.

Raelene Morey

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Raelene Morey is the Chief Bird at Words By Birds , an agency that helps WordPress businesses make better content. Computer science grad turned newspaper journalist and ex-managing editor at WPMU DEV. Raelene has been developing WordPress sites for over 10 years.