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Static Slider

Description: Smart Slider 3 is an elegant and flexible way to making creative designs specially while you designing websites for photography, music, modeling, fashion, beauty etc. The fullscreen image slideshow with the static text and varied background animations is an eye caching way to display your layers which can attract people more efficiently.

Premium: Gain access to all slider templates with a single purchase.

Minimum version:


Static slide is that slide, which is over your slider without switching away, while your regular slides can move behind them. So you shouldn’t think of them as slides, because the whole concept is different, it is rather a tool which gives you a powerful option with a user friendly interface. In the following video you can learn how to create a static slider.

Different concept

With a static slide you can place layers, for example your logo or watermark over your normal slides. Another great use in the pro version for this slide is to combine the actions and events with the layers. by doing this you can make a navigation menu to switch between the slides, or to scroll to different parts of your website, as we did here (although these are one slide sliders, you will get the idea). You can even build up your whole website with one slider.

Create slides from different contents

As you can tell from now, there are different slides, what you can choose from the dropdown list of the Add image slide button. The empty slide is the regular slide, which doesn’t have anything on it yet, so you can pick an image or video for the whole background, and you can put down the different layers anywhere on it.

Static slides are what we were talking about, and there are the image, video and post slides, which are the same as the empty slides, but the background image, background video and layers are used in them with your selected source.

Dynamic slides are like regular slides, but instead of having to create every slide manually, you will have to create only one slide, which will look the same as all your slides will. They will use a dynamic source, like your posts or articles, webshop products, etc..

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