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Ferdinand McAvoy

Ferdinand joined us as CEO in 2014, and his vision is to make the company an indispensable partner, providing excellence. A true creative at heart, he loves what he does, especially working with talented people and producing great work.

“I get to work with an extremely accomplished designers all with a unique mix of talent and we get to tackle some fantastic projects together.”
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Lara Madrigal

Lara has over 10 years’ experience in the design industry. During this time, she has developed skills across many areas including branding, illustration, UI design, print and web design. She loves to be challenged and to enhance her skillset.

“Being a member of such a talented team is constantly inspiring. We each bring our passion to the studio to make our company a very special creative hive.”
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Deborah Barbosa

Deborah describes brand strategy as her perfect blend of critical thinking and collaborative research, one that encourages her natural love of questions and genuine interest in people.

“We are fortunate enough to get to work with many internationally recognised brands, on interesting projects, which makes working at our company an exciting place to be.”
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Martijn Dragonjer

Martijn joined the team in early 2015, after ten years working in the film industry. With a strong background for sales and marketing, Will was excited to bring a new perspective to the team.

“There is a constant buzz here, everyone is driven and focused on producing the best work possible for clients. It is a very rewarding place to work with fantastic clients .”
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Dominik Doudny

Dominik has a passion for developing sites with clean, beautiful code. Dominik’s love for full-stack web development makes him a great asset that can take on back-end code and front-end UI needs if necessary.

“What makes a good company enjoyable? Working with enthusiastic members of well-structured teams of engaging characters.”
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Team Slider

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People like buying goods or services online, as it’s a fast and convenient way of spending their money. But they need to be careful to choose where to spend their hard-earned money. There are many not so trustworthy businesses online, so you need to prove them that you’re one of the “good guys”. How to do that? Well, you need to build trust in the hesitant customers. For instance, use a team slider.

What is a team slider?

A team slider is a kind of slider, that focuses on the members of your team. It gives a nice, personal touch to your company’s website, and helps building trust in your hesitant customers.

What do you need to put into a team slider?

You can actually put almost any kind of content to your team slider. However, there are a couple of common elements which you should add for the best result.

  • Name. The main purpose of a team slider is to introduce the members of your team. Therefore, it’s essential to display their names in your team slider.
  • Position. Showing the person’s position in your company helps the customer learn more about your business’ hierarchy.
  • Picture of the person. Having a picture of your team member shows your customer that your business is valid, and you have real employees. Make sure to use a real picture of your employee here, not an image you found somewhere on the Internet.
  • Social links.
  • About. The best way to learn more about any team member is to write a short description about them, which the customers can read. It’s a good practice to include company related details about the person here, for instance, what exactly they’re doing at the company.
  • Quote. There’s nothing better to make a team slider personal than an actual quote.

Best effects of Team Slider

Smart Slider 3 has a many cool effects you can use to make your sliders more interesting. We added some of the best effects to the Team Slider demo, to help you create a modern and responsive slider fast.

You can find a couple of team slide templates in Smart Slider 3’s Slide Library.

Reveal Animation on the layers

The most spectacular effect of the slider is the Reveal Animation. Reveal Animation is a cool and modern effect to introduce or remove layers from your slider.

Navigating between the slides via thumbnails

This slider allows navigating slide by slide in three ways. You can drag or swipe towards the right or left side, to switch to the next or previous slide. You can also use the white arrow on the blue background at the middle bottom. The third, and the most eye-catching is the thumbnail navigation.

We placed the thumbnails to the right side of the slider, aligned to the bottom of it. The thumbnails allow the visitor to see all your team members at once. Clicking any thumbnail switches to the slide with the person’s slide.

Rotated layer

Smart Slider 3 has a cool feature, that allows you to rotate any layer, including rows and columns. At this slider we rotated a heading layer, which we use to show how many team slides are available, and which one is currently visible.

Rotate option at Smart Slider 3's layer window
Rotate option at Smart Slider 3’s layer window