Particle Effect

Smart Slider 3 is a great tool to create a video block with particle effect. Videos give a great visual impact and the particle slider effect takes this impact to a whole new level.


Video Particle

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Videos are great visual presentation tools which many websites use with great success. Usually videos showcase products or services on the site’s homepage. They make the best impact on your visitors, better than any image or text could. Modern web design uses videos for pure design purposes.

When you use a video for design purpose, you put it behind more important content. In this case, the video isn’t as crucial as the foreground, so it doesn’t matter if the visitor can’t see every part. It’s also common to put a semi-transparent color in front of a video to increase legibility.

How to set a slide background video?

The best way to create a slide with background video is creating an empty slide first. This way you can directly put the MP4 video to the proper place. Smart Slider 3 supports using MP4 videos only, as that’s supported by all major browsers.

After you’ve picked your video, you can create an overlay for it. Videos are usually colorful, so adding an overlay increases the legibility. By making this simple change, you allow all your visitors to enjoy your content.

Aligning the Content layer

There are many great options in Smart Slider 3 that allow you to control your layers. For instance, you can add paddings or margins to your layers to set their distance. For instance, if you want to have two headings below each other and they’re too close, you can increase the margin of either layers to place them further from each other. Sometimes layers end up getting too wide on bigger screens. You can use the maximum width setting to prevent this problem.

Check out the video below to learn how to set up your slider the same way as this demo looks like. The tutorial starts with all layers added, as it only covers the positioning process.

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