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Classic Dark Oak
8 units | full appliance | 1 wall
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High Gloss White Fusion
20 units | 4 walls | wood worktops
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Meteor Light Deluxe
16 units | premium cabinet | 2 walls + island
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Classic Contemporary
12 units | 6 colours | 2 walls | granite worktops
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Clean White Cream
12 units | 4 colours | 1 wall
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Showcase Template

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Description: Showcase is both powerful and flexible at the same time also Virtually infinite loop-able.

Premium: Gain access to all slider templates with a single purchase.

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The showcase slider type has been made to replicate the cover flow effect. It was first made by Apple to use it in their Macintosh Finder program. The essence of this WordPress slider is that you can see multiple slides together. The active slide is the one in the middle. As you can expect, the main functionality of this kind of display is to easily find something. You can set this slider up to show together as many slides as you want, which can help with the navigation between them. The 3D navigation makes the usage fun, and it is more likely, that the visitor will go through all the slides.

Usage suggestions for showcase sliders

This slider type is great to display your sponsors or partners in your WordPress blog. The best layout for the showcase slider is to put it into a full width position of your WP theme, where it can stretch through your whole browser. Mainly because that is how it looks best, but also the responsiveness that way is better. The response behavior of this slider type is that as the screen gets smaller, everything is getting smaller. Another great way of using it is that you can make your slider vertical, and put it into the sidebar, leaving a bigger space for the main content.

Showcase slider advantages compared to carousel slider

The biggest advantage the showcase slider type has compared to the WordPress carousel is, that if you have enough slides, you won’t have empty spaces in the end of the slider unless if you want it that way, because in this case that can look good too. There is only one active slide at a time, which eliminates problems like having autoplay on videos, and the layer animation plays better. The focus goes to the active slide, so you can create slides with more details, which will be more noticeable. The 3D navigation gives a better user experience, the interaction is much more vivid than just clicking on an arrow, and let the slides simply slide in.
Carousel slider versus showcase slider

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