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Bed frame with storage
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Modern Leather Sofa & Chair
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Loveseat, gunnared light gray
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Bar stool, black
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Product Slider

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Description: Transform your products into a fully responsive beautiful sliders. Products slider maybe used to show your recent, best, random or highest rated products. Find the slide which fits perfectly, import and you can start to sell your products.

Premium: Gain access to all slider templates with a single purchase.

Minimum version:


Usually websites are built for one main reason. For example to have a webshop, make a blog, or to show photography images. To do this, people use either the built in WordPress posts and Joomla articles, or a plugin/extension. Of course the whole site doesn’t have only this content on it. There are other plugins/extensions used too, which are related to the main content. After a while it could be a lot of work to handle everything in different locations. This is why we made dynamic slides. These slides are automatically getting out the data from the source you choose. So you only have to create your slider once and the content inside will always be updated.

Dynamic sources
We have 40 dynamic source generators, and this number is growing

General dynamic slides

We call those dynamic slides “general” which aren’t platform related. They can be used at any website, like Facebook posts. Or something more simple, like images from the selected folder. You can see an always updated list from these so called “generators” in our documentation.

Joomla specific dynamic slides

These kinds of generators are the ones only available for Joomla. They were made for Joomla articles, and many different extensions, like EasyBlog posts, redSHOP products and JEvents events. You can see the whole list here.

WordPress specific dynamic slides

There are quite a few WordPress specific generators too, which were made for the most popular WordPress plugins, for example WooCommerce, NextGEN Gallery and The Events Calendar, also you can make dynamic slides from your posts too.

Magento specific dynamic slides

Last, but not at least, we have a Magento generator. Only one, because there is one thing in common in Magento websites. They are built around products. So as an obvious choice, we made a product generator. It can show almost any data about your product. For example it’s title, description, price and it can also link to this product. Because of this, our slider can be very useful and convenient for any Magento website.

How it works

Inside our system this works in a way that you can add dynamic slides to your slider. There you will be able to select the source from where you would like to have the data.

Generator selection interface
Generator selection interface

This will lead you to a page, where you will find all the filtering options to choose from. For example from which category you want your article/post to appear.

After saving in the settings, in the slide editor you can choose variables with the help of the “$” button. They will appear at almost every possible input option. Like it can be the text inside your heading, a link of your button, or the image in your background. These variables transform into the content, what you have inside the source. So if you set up your slider, and later on when you will have a new data in your source, these variables will automatically update to the new content.

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