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Boxed Product Carousel

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Carousels are the most popular ways to display a product slider on a website. A carousel allows the visitor to see more slides next to one another, saving vertical space on the slider. These sliders are also about being minimalists. They won’t have long descriptions and unnecessary details, just show what the users need to see the most. This information includes one product image which is clear enough to show the item. The name and price of the product is also very important to appear on a product carousel. Apart from this crucial information, Carousel Product Slider displays the product category.

The slider’s dominant color is grass green. Both the arrows next to the slider and the buttons use this color. Some slides have a tag or a new badge, which is also green. The slides have rounded corners creating an interesting effect. When the visitor switches slides, only one slide moves out of the visible area. When they switch forward, it’s the first slide that disappears and when they switch backwards, it’s the last slide. WordPress Carousel slides can also switch a pane so the whole visible area moves. Switching a pane is another great way to create a product slider.

You can easily use this slider in your dynamic product slider as well. First you should import the slider to your website so that you can use it. Then select the slide layout you would like to use and go to its Slide Editor screen. You can copy the slide by right clicking on the slide editor, where the layers are. Once you’ve done this, create a new dynamic slide, configure it to your liking and go to its slide editor. Right click again and select Paste slide. Now you have the whole slide content in your slider. Select each layer and change their static content to a dynamic variable.

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