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Description: One of the most beautiful Divi templates, Florist, has inspired us to create a beautiful full screen Divi slider using Smart Slider 3. The result is a modern, trendy slider that can shine on any page built with Divi Builder.

Premium: Gain access to all slider templates with a single purchase.

Minimum version:


Divi Builder is one of the best page builder plugins for WordPress. It’s most widely used in the Divi theme, which is Elegant Themes most popular WordPress theme solution. Divi Builder is also available as a standalone WordPress plugin. This page builder can enhance any third party theme with its amazing functionality. Divi (both theme and builder) has many wonderful features at the users’ disposal. But there’s one thing that’s not so easy to achieve, which is creating a full screen Divi slider.

Quick overview of Divi’s built-in slider module

Divi’s slider module is an excellent choice for creating simple sliders. The module allows you to create simple sliders fast. They’ll have have the following structure: a title, a description and a button in this order. Each slide can have a background color, gradient, image or video which you can select. Divi’s slider module, like the page builder itself, is very user friendly. Creating a simple slider with 5 slides takes almost no time. The final result is responsive and looks nice on all devices, so your layout won’t be broken. And for a slider that’s so easy to use as Divi’s slider module this is a very is impressive result.

You’ll only come across issues with Divi slider module when you try to create a more premium-like slider. For instance, if you would like to add more layers, such as another button. If you give it a thought, adding a second button to your slider isn’t much to ask. For instance, you need two buttons to create a slider that replaces the hero header on Divi Café sample with a slider. And why wouldn’t you want a slider there? It would be a great choice as you could create something like our Static slider sample. But Divi does not make it easy to create such full screen slider.

Creating a full screen Divi slider is not as easy as it should be

As I said above, Divi is a great theme and page builder. It has many features and it’s easy to use. But the way you can add a full screen Divi slider to your site is discouraging. You need to do custom coding and that’s something many people would rather not do. Even if Divi provides a simple tutorial. Let’s be honest here: Divi’s not the cheapest theme out there, especially if you need it for one site only. And you shouldn’t have to code to get a full page Divi slider on your site. Luckily, I know an alternative for you: Smart Slider 3.

Use Smart Slider 3 for creating Divi sliders

Smart Slider 3 is an easy to use slider plugin for WordPress that’s the perfect choice for your Divi site. It’s compatible with Divi theme and builder and has its own module which you can use to publish your sliders. And most importantly, creating a full screen Divi slider only takes a click of a button.

Why should you choose Smart Slider 3 as your Divi slider?

Smart Slider 3 has many advantage when compared to Divi slider module. The most important ones are the 21 available layers. You can use them to enrich your sliders with buttons, headings, texts, images, lists and counters. The plural has real meaning here: you can add as many layers to each slide as you want. That’s what I call free slider building experience.

Smart Slider 3 has two different slide editing modes, Content and Canvas. Both of these modes help you create the slider of your dreams. With Smart Slider 3 you can achieve any kind of layout and look. You can make the sliders match your selected Divi template for a fluid experience. It’s all up to you and your imagination.

The best features Smart Slider 3 has to create an amazing full screen Divi slider

Beside creating a full page Divi slider fast, Smart Slider 3 offers many useful features to create a stunning slider. For instance, there’s the parallax effect which is available for layers as well. You can see a gorgeous example of the feature at our full screen Divi slider at the top.

Smart Slider 3 offers the fairly popular Ken Burns effect to add to your sliders. The Ken Burns effect is a panning and zooming effect for your slide background images. You can use Shape dividers to connect a visual content (such as your slider) with a single colored section. The Particle effect is a nice addition to your slider. It creates small, moving dots, triangles or polygons. There are amazing new background animations to make your slider look modern.


Smart Slider 3 is a great tool for creating the perfect, responsive full screen Divi slider. It’s easy to use and it has many great templates to choose from so you won’t have to start from scratch. And the best of all, you don’t have to code to create an amazing full page Divi slider.

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