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Boxed Particle Slider

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People still use boxed designs, even if full width sliders are much more popular. The best thing about boxed sliders is that they fit nicely into any page or post content. They look like they truly belong there and don’t break the layout either. This Boxed Particle Slider is a great example for a stunning modern boxed slider.

What’s a static overlay and how to create it?

Static overlays are special slides. They are above all the other slides in the slider. When the normal slides change, the static overlay remains in the same place. This makes them perfect for cases where the content doesn’t need to switch with the slides.

Creating a Static Overlay is incredibly easy. First you should add your new slides to your slider. Then, when you create a new slide, you’ll see a new option appearing at the end of the Add Slide options.

Editing a Static overlay is the same as editing any other slide. The only difference is that you’ll see the next slide’s background behind it. Static Overlays can’t have a background on their own, as that would cover the slides below them.

How to create the album cover with the audio player?

The slider has an audio player with a cover image on its right side. Creating this layout is incredibly easy. You just need to add a simple image layer, then put an audio layer below it. The image layer has a handy shortcut on the sidebar. This shortcut makes it easy to add the most popular layers, like the image, heading or button, fast. The audio layer doesn’t have a shortcut, so you’ll need to open the layer list to add it. After adding the layers, the audio layer needs a maximum width. This ensures that the image and audio layer have the same size.

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