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Welcome to
The Hive

I am Queen Bea, a highly skilled and passionate tattoo artist dedicated to providing you with the highest quality tattoos and an unforgettable experience.

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When the blood kisses the ink,
it’s when the pain hugs the flesh.

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Who needs to be beautiful,
also wants to suffer

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Show me yours,
I’ll show you mine

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If there’s no money,
there’s no honey...

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How to choose the perfect tattoo?

Avoid making any rash decisions.


Consider where you want the tattoo.


Spend some time refining the design and choosing one that has meaning for you.


Try a rehearsal run of the tattoo.


Think before you ink.

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A unique way of wearing jewelry

There are a dozens of types of piercings, so if you haven’t found a location that matches what you want, go ahead and ask a piercer about it.


Lobe, upper lobe, conch, helix, rook.


K9, cyber bites, angel bites, dahlia.


Third eye, bridge, nostril, septum, rhino.


Eyebrow, cheek, lowbret, labret.

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Proof of work
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No money, No honey

The service includes the sting and a piece of jewelry of your choice.

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Small tattoo

The service includes a small size tattoo or MAX 1h of work.

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Medium tattoo

The service includes a medium size tattoo or MAX 4h of work.

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Large tattoo

Ohhh Boi! We’ll be here all day long! Bring some snack with you!

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Tattoo Studio

💻 Settings | 🎓 Layers | 🎉 Animations | 🏗️ Layout | 📱 Responsive | Speed

Description: Just as you can get creative with ink, through the Tattoo Studio template you can translate your work of art into a digital product. Its clean and modern design is completely responsive and can be used by anyone.

Premium: Gain access to all slider templates with a single purchase.

Minimum version:


Slider Settings

Smart Slider’s newest template takes advantage of the Simple Slider type‘s easily manageable features. These slides are known for displaying only one of them at a time.

Besides that, they usually take up the full width of the page. You can easily change these settings to match your preferences in the slider’s Size settings tab.

Layout settings in Smart Slider
Layout settings in Smart Slider

In addition, for a smooth navigation the Tattoo Studio template applies the Arrow option on each slide. Therefore, inside the Controls settings this feature offers many ways for a unique design, just as it can be seen on this slider.

The navigation is nice and fully visible with a special hover effect, which makes it possible for the user to have an unmatched experience while browsing your site.

Style setting in Smart Slider's Arrows
Style setting in Smart Slider’s Arrows

On top of that each slide has it’s own arrow button with a custom navigation that takes your visitors to the following one.


The Home, the Tattoo and the Piercing slide each uses the same layers for their design with almost exactly the same layout.

Nonetheless, all slides have one thing in common that instantly catches the visitors eye. They all have a CTA layer with a navigation as well. To achieve this result you can simply set up the Link Action on the layer.

Furthermore, the Services, the Gallery and the Pricing slide each provides a unique experience due to the custom CSS they have. This nice hover effect is achieved by applying a CSS class to their containers in the style settings. The following step consist of completing the Developer settings’ CSS section with it’s own unique design.

Custom CSS in Smart Slider's Developer settings
Custom CSS in Smart Slider’s Developer settings



This template uses many fascinating animations that makes it into it’s own unique self. For instance, it’s Main Animation is set to Horizontal. It creates a moving effect that slides each one from their right to the left very smoothly.

Then, it applies layer animations on each layer. These can be very useful in making the introduction of each of your layers stand out.

Additionally, all the layers use the same basic animation that moves them in from either side of the slide.

Layer animation settings
Layer animation settings


There are two bases for the slides in this template. One of them is built up with using a two column row, each taking up 50% of the slide’s width.

While the right side contains an image layer, the left side holds the slide’s heading and text layers. These come to an end with an individual row design that creates a CTA button, completed with it’s heading and image layers.

Slide layout using rows and columns
Slide layout using rows and columns

Additionally, the next type of layout consists of rows upon rows, that contain the main content. Therefore, creating more of a centered layout for them.

The above mentioned heading and CTA button is paired with either a row showcasing it’s eccentric images or it’s own columns providing information by using image, heading and text layers for it’s sole purpose.


If you check the slider on smaller devices, such as your mobile, you can see that the columns wrap under each other creating a better user experience on the additional device.

There are many other options that you can take advantage of in Smart Slider’s mobile-friendly features.

Such as setting specific font-sizes for each particular device, as well as hiding layers to improve your visitors’ circumstances on smaller screens.

Easily hide layers on your devices
Easily hide layers on your devices


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