Carousel product sliders in unique variations
Apple Watch
Accessories / Smartwatch
Product upselling to increase customer happiness
Dapper Bristol
by daniel wellington
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Withings Watch
Accessories / Smartwatch
Responsiveness in advance
Switch product slides Why carousel slider is better than showcase slider
Pebble Time Round
Messenger Bag
Dynamic slides with WordPress WooCommerce
Blue top
Ampersand Crewneck
Buy now
Classic Jacket
A Perfect Vacation
by John Rambo

Borneo is the third-largest island in the world and the largest island of Asia. At the geographic centre...

A Perfect Morning In San Fransico
Leather Seat

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My Cherry Tree
A cherry blossom is the flower of any of several trees of genus Prunus.
Wall Decoration
Decoration / Wall
Amazing Furnitures
Table Lamp
Living room / Lighting

WordPress carousel slider variations

Sometimes you need to show WooCommerce products or WordPress posts as a carousel slider. When you just want to show a few pieces of information, to be able to show more of them together. For this, the carousel slider from the PRO version of Smart Slider 3 for WordPress is perfect, as it only shows smaller product slides next to each other.

Carousel Template

Description: Lay out your products like cards!

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Great for WordPress with WooCommerce

You can create slides for your shop to advertise your products and probably want to show just a couple of things, like the title, image and price of that product or even put a button on them, to redirect to their pages. Dynamically generated slides can be really helpful, because they automatically create the slides from for example your WordPress posts, WooCommerce products, Joomla articles or a lot of different webshop. You can filter and order them based on the price, or the creation date and several other ways, so you can always have the cheapest or latest products showing up in your slider without having to do anything.

WooCommerce product carousel sliders with dynamic slides
We have 40 dynamic source generators, and this number is growing

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Responsive carousel slider

The responsive behavior of this slider type is also great; as you make the slider smaller, it will show fewer slides. If you have a small space, you will see one slide at a time, and if you have more, you will see as many, as much you allow to show up.
Responsive carousel slider

Pane switching in carousel slider

You have options to switch them differently. You can either choose to switch all visible slides together, or you can switch only one at a time. The good thing about switching the whole pane is that the navigation is so much better this way, the information goes faster, as you don’t really need much time to look through these slides. The problem with the full pane switching is that you might end up with an uneven number of slides, and there will be empty space in the end of it. For this, the solution is the one slide switch, which has a kind of system, which allows you to fill blank spaces after the last slides.

Nest Storage
Kitchen / Cooking Utensils
Cucumber Slicer
Kitchen / Slicer
Kitchen Utensil Set
Kitchen / Utensil
Spiral Slicer
Kitchen / Slicer
Nessie Ladle
Kitchen / Dinnerware
Glass Teapot
Kitchen / Dinnerware
Fried Eggs Shaper
Kitchen / Gadgets
Citrus Reamer
Kitchen / Gadgets
Peeler Light
Kitchen / Gadgets
Herb Infuser
Kitchen / Appliances
Twist Grater (Green)
Kitchen / Gadgets
Chopping Board
Kitchen / Cutting Boards

Advantages compared to showcase sliders

The carousel slider is not better than the showcase slider type, but it has some features, which might make it a better fit for you. One of these are the responsiveness. While the showcase sliders are just getting smaller, and on small devices they don’t look so good, the carousel slider’s responsiveness don’t need any adjustments, the default settings make it work like a charm.
The other feature, which gives an advantage is the full pane switch. The navigation of this slider is just what you need in this rushing world. No one has time to look through 16 product slides, but with this slider type, that would be only 4 switches, if you show 4 slides together.
carousel slider vs. showcase slider

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