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Minimal Logo Slider

Description: A logo carousel is very trending now to show clients or sponsors.

Premium: Gain access to all slider templates with a single purchase.

Minimum version:


A logo carousel is very trending now to show clients or sponsors a website. This template is a minimal logo carousel with gray pictures and a nice hover effect. If you hover on a slide you will see that a nice box shadow appears around the Col. You can set and customize it in the Layer window.

The template is available in the Smart Slider 3 Pro. You can easily import it from the Template Library and you can use it as a layout, but you can create a new slider too. All you need to do is to choose the Carousel slider type, create your slides and set the sizes. The slider size at this template is 1200x300px, the slides are 280×180 big and the maximum pane width is 1200px.

Carousel slider type
Carousel slider type

The responsive mode will define how big your slider will be, and in this case, the auto responsive mode is used. So your slider can be as big as the container where you put it.

The navigation can be an important part of a slider, so when the user wants to see the other slides, it is good if the visitor can navigate manually, too. The bullets and the arrows are very good navigation elements, but you can switch slides with a mouse drag as well. The single switch is turned off, which means that you can move the entire pane with the slides together. And the carousel mode is turned on so the slides will cycle through continuously without stopping at the last slide.

Each slide has 1-Row – 1-Col structure with an image layer. So you have to create a slide only once and after that, you can copy the slide or duplicate it. The content mode is used which works like a page builder and lets you build your slides quickly with great responsive behavior, so the logo slider will look good with a minimal effort.

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