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Free Thumbnail Slider

Description: Simple and smart solution to showcase more slides. Better navigation and extra information!

Free: Give Smart Slider 3 a try for free. Download now!

Minimum version:


In the free version of Smart Slider 3 you can easily create a slider with thumbnails, you should just turn on the Thumbnail control at the Slider settings. Thumbnails are great navigation elements, and they also can show a preview of your slides. Usually you can navigate with arrows or bullets, but you have the option to navigate with your keyboard or with a mouse drag or scroll. Slide switching can be horizontally or vertically, and you can set the main animation direction as well.

Even the smallest animation gives a nice touch to the thumbnail slider. Smart Slider 3 offers lots of nice animations which play when the slides change. The most favored animation is the simple fade. This is the effect which doesn’t just animate the background images but the layers as well. The horizontal and vertical Main animation is often used, and these animations are highly touch friendly. While swiping on the screen, it’s possible to preview the nearby slides. Since they’re Main animations, they move the layers with the background image. The most popular effects that aren’t Main animations are the Zoom and Fade background animation.

In Smart Slider 3 you have the option to autoplay your slider, so the slider can switch its slides automatically after a period of time, which is called autoplay interval. You can enable this setting and configure it at the Slider settings → Autoplay tab.

Settings for autoplay in the free version of Smart Slider 3
Settings for autoplay in the free version of Smart Slider 3

One of the most amazing features of Smart Slider 3 is the ability to put layers into your image slider. Layers are containers to help you tell your story. For example you can use a heading layer to show the image caption, or show a button to direct the visitor to a specific page. You can also add extra images as layers for example to show a Facebook icon with a link on it. And there is a YouTube and Vimeo layer to display videos from these sites. And if you display a video, you can change the thumbnail type, and it will show a play icon.

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