Autoplaying Thumbnail Slider

Description: Autoplaying Thumbnail Slider is a minimal slider which is a great example to show beautiful images without text.

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Creating an image slider does not always mean you want to use words. It’s perfectly possible to create a beautiful image slider without a single line of text. This Autoplaying thumbnail slider is a great example for this. It’s a very minimal slider, with zero text, but it looks elegant and professional. There are large thumbnail images you can use for navigation. This allows you to preview all images in the slider and pick those the visitor is most interested in. The thumbnail bar can be scrolled through by swiping or dragging which is very convenient for both big and small screen users. The currently viewed slide’s thumbnail is clear and looks like the slide background picture but the other slide thumbnails are darkened which gives a modern look to the slider. Besides the thumbnails, visitors can navigate by swiping from slide to slide.

The slider has an optional slider autoplay setting. The autoplay is not enabled by default, but the user can start it with the solid autoplay icon at the top right corner. Allowing the user to start the autoplay gives them control over it which is favorable by them. So how can you set up an autoplay like this? Go to Slider settings → Autoplay and configure the autoplay the way you want to. Set the autoplay interval and any other setting to your liking. Then turn off the Autostart which will prevent the autoplay from starting immediately on page load. Now all you need to do is enable the Autoplay control at the bottom. Configure its look to match your slider, position it where you prefer to have it and you’re done. The visitor can now start and stop the autoplay when they chose to do so. They’ll love having so much control over your slider while viewing your beautiful pictures!

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