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We build exceptional brands. A full-service digital agency approach to grow your brand online.


We combine beautiful design with innovative technology to create websites that are engaging.


We develop customized mobile websites and native mobile applications for all platforms.


Our ecommerce software helps manage webshops in general and specific aspects.


Simple and bold design for web sites and applications, with focus on content, typo and colors.


Your brand is your own story. Through brand strategy we craft experiences that help you.


We develop various high quality digital products, including web and mobile applications.


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We’ve helped clients to bring their ideas to reality. But don’t take our word for it. Take theirs.

Dave Turner
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“These guys helped me grow my business like a boss. Everything is very professional, unlike many other solutions.”

Carrie Steiniger
Account Manager

“Choosing Infinite Ideas was the best software decision we made last year. I think it’s a long term relationship. ”

Chris Mayne
Tech Reviewer

“When I think of Infinite Ideas, I think of two things: professional solutions and outstanding customer support when I need it.”

Samantha Lewis
Eyewear Boutique Founder

“Infinite Ideas helps us to create an unique webshop that's as special as the items we sell. Excellent customer service!”

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Description: Your website represents your company to millions every day. It establishes your identity to the world 365 days a year. This can be extremely useful for readers, as it provides quick information about the company, or the services behind the site.

Premium: Gain access to all slider templates with a single purchase.

Minimum version:


Company slider can display useful information about your company in a modern way. The Layer animation has an important role in this template, you can see animations on each slide, which make your website good-looking and more powerful. Layer animations call the visitors’ attention, and the they will see every useful part what you want to highlight. The animations are in harmony, they are not too much or too little and they make an ideal effect.

The company slider is a very complex slider which contains a lot of premium features of Smart Slider 3. The first slide is a good example of how much you can achieve with Smart Slider 3. When the slider appears, you can see a full-width a layer which moves to the left, and it will show a video layer with some text on the right side. The video plays automatically, but it is muted, so it doesn’t take the attention from the text and important parts of the slider. With the play icon you can open the video in a lightbox, and by clicking on the “Show me more” button you can navigate to the next slide with an action.

Use actions in Smart Slider 3
Use actions in Smart Slider 3

You can see a black overlay above the video which was made with an area layer in Canvas editing mode. In Canvas mode you can put a layer everywhere in the canvas but you have to take care of the responsiveness. You can see that the content layer is also used on the slider, because you can mix the editing modes. Content mode works like a page builder, and you can make great structures with a good responsive behavior as you can see it on the other slides.

You can use the Company example as a homepage slider, where you can feature the important parts of your website, put a link on them and navigate to other pages. It is responsive, modern, and the layer animations make it stunning.

Core Web Vitals

PageSpeed Insights with Lighthouse analyzed this page on April 13, 2021. For the latest result analyze now!



First Contentful Paint
0.3 s
Speed Index
0.9 s
Largest Contentful Paint
0.6 s
Time to Interactive
0.8 s
Total Blocking Time
10 ms
Cumulative Layout Shift


First Contentful Paint
2.6 s
Speed Index
3.1 s
Largest Contentful Paint
2.6 s
Time to Interactive
3.2 s
Total Blocking Time
260 ms
Cumulative Layout Shift

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