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How to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate with Smart Slider

Sara Humenyanszky
Sara Humenyanszky
April 5, 2023

It can be overwhelming to make your business stand out from competitors in today’s digital age. Therefore, it is crucial for every business owner to have a strong online presence. To achieve this you need a website that can convert visitors into actual customers. That’s where Smart Slider comes in.

As the most popular slider plugin on the market with over 900.000 active installs, Smart Slider is the best solution for your business if you want to drive conversions and increase engagement by creating eye-catching sliders. In this post, we’ll explore a few ways Smart Slider can boost your website’s conversion rate. Read on to discover the power of Smart Slider.

📚 Table of contents

Make a Strong First Impression
✏️ Make Your Content Stand Out
🎓 Increase Engagement
📱 Optimize Your Slider
🏗️ Build Landing Pages
💻 E-Commerce Product Slider
💡 Conclusion

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Make a Strong First Impression with Your Website’s Slider

First impressions are groundbreaking when it comes to websites. Visitors can quickly create an opinion about your website, and it will highly affect the long-term impact on how they perceive your business. That is why it is crucial to ensure that your website’s design is intriguing and engaging from the start.

Using the template sliders in Smart Slider is one approach to leaving a lasting impression on your visitors. You don’t need any prior design knowledge to quickly and easily create a slider that looks professional with these pre-made sliders.

It only requires 2 steps:

  • Select the template that best benefits your goals
  • Add your own content

And you’re good to go.

Moreover, Smart Slider provides you with a selection of slider sizes, which you can find under the Size settings tab. There are also different Slider types that determine the look of your slider allowing you to easily customize them for your website.

You shouldn’t let a bad first impression put off potential clients. With Smart Slider’s template sliders, you can design without any hardships a visually attractive slider that grabs your audience’s attention right away.

Make Your Content Stand Out

What is the most important step to increase conversions? Make sure that your number-one content is primarily displayed on your website. If you use Smart Slider it’s easy to accomplish.

You can add texts, images, buttons, and other layers directly on top of your slides with Smart Slider’s drag-and-drop layer feature. This allows you to emphasize your greatest content and bring attention to the most important information you provide. You can even add different animations and effects to your layers to help your content stand out and create a more engaging user experience.

Here are some examples of how you can achieve this using different types of content:

WordPress Post Slider Carousel example
This template is used by bloggers to showcase their most popular posts in a dynamic and interactive way. It can also be customized to fit the blog’s design, making it an effective tool for increasing engagement and promoting content.

Live Preview

WordPress Testimonial Slider example
A testimonial slider is a dynamic and interactive way to display positive feedback from satisfied users. It’s an effective technique to build trust with potential customers. Our template can be customized to fit your website’s design, making it a powerful tool for promoting products and services.

Live Preview

WordPress Product Slider with special offers
This slider template is a highly effective marketing tool that can be used to highlight discounts and deals for potential customers. It features a series of visually appealing slides, showcasing special offers and promotions. This slider can be placed on the homepage or product page to draw attention to your offers and increase conversions.

Live Preview

Product carousel
A product gallery slider template is a visually appealing and interactive tool for displaying products in a slideshow format. The template typically features high-quality images of each product, along with its name and price. This slider can be customized to fit the design of your website, making it an effective tool for showcasing products and increasing sales.

Live Preview

This without any doubt increases the visibility of your most important content, consequently increasing its engagement.

Increase Engagement with Interactive Sliders

It’s very handy to add interactive elements to your sliders as your visitors usually prefer having control over what they see. Pay attention to auto-playing sliders. It can be frustrating if they want to stop to read the content or skip to another slide but there’s no option to do that because you didn’t offer them any controls.

Smart Slider offers numerous interactive features that you can use to create engaging sliders, like:

  • Buttons
  • Arrows
  • Bullets
  • Thumbnails
  • Textbar

And many more. These are perfect for taking your customer to a product page or encouraging them to take action using a CTA button.

A call to action button can be pretty challenging to create. Thankfully, Smart Slider provides you with everything to create a strong and clear CTA that stands out on your slider. You can either choose from the many pre-made ones and customize them to your company’s needs or create a new one with our layer options.

Slider Landing page with strong CTA button
Live Preview

These elements give meaning to the interaction between you and your customers and as a consequence lead to a higher level of engagement with your business.

This is one of the most important steps in converting your visitors into actual customers. Fortunately, Smart Slider’s easy-to-use interface and helpful features encourage your customers to take action in the most subtle ways possible.

Optimize Your Slider for All Devices

Nowadays many people choose to browse on their mobile devices, so it’s important to make sure your slider is optimized for smaller screens. Luckily with Smart Slider, you can create a responsive slider so you don’t have to worry about losing traffic. Besides, there are some features you can easily customize before proceeding.

Font Sizes

Simply use the Text Scale option to modify the font size of your content.

One of the many benefits of this setting is that it is device-specific, so you don’t need to worry about changing the font size on the other devices as well.

Hide Layers On Devices

It can happen to anyone that some of the layers they have on the desktop don’t look good on the mobile view. Well, rest assured as with our slider you can easily hide any layer you want on any device. To access this option go to the layer window and use the Show on feature.

Being able to hide your layers individually can make a huge difference.

Hide Slides On Devices

Another useful option to make your slides more responsive is, in case you are using the Pro version, hiding slides on different devices.

How to hide slides on different devices

Hide Sliders On Devices

Or just simply turn off the slider and the whole of it won’t show on the chosen device.

How to hide sliders on different devices


Furthermore, your controls can also be hidden as some of them are easier to use on desktops but on smaller devices can be challenging. This setting offers a smooth experience for those visitors who use smaller devices.

How to hide controls on different devices

All in all, you can effortlessly increase the likelihood of your visitors engaging with your content by making it easier to interact with it on any device. As you can see, you don’t need to worry about the responsive behavior of your slider if you choose Smart Slider 3.

How Can Smart Slider Help You Build Landing Pages That Convert?

If you decide on using Smart Slider to build your landing page you get an amazing tool to work with. It presents your visitors with a clear slider that helps you with highlighting your brand’s key features and benefits.

Nowadays Smart Slider can be so much more than just a slider. You can also create compelling landing pages with clear call-to-action buttons. This layout without any doubt encourages your visitors to take an interest and get involved with your brand.

Our template library offers a variety of templates that are designed to convert. In the “Page” category you can find all the custom landing page templates that you can use or even customize for any type of product, service, or business.

Page slider templates
Available templates in Smart Slider 3

With Smart Slider’s clear interface creating landing pages can be an easy and smooth process rather than overwhelming. This is the best way to make it simple for your visitors to complete their journey of becoming your customers. Achieve it by offering them a clean and easy-to-navigate landing page.

Smart Slider: The Ultimate Tool for E-Commerce Product Slider

In today’s world, it’s challenging to stand out with your online store. More and more people tend to shop online, increasing the competition in e-commerce. It’s crucial to be able to customize your website for conversions. That’s where Smart Slider comes in.

You have the option to choose from our many product slider templates that are designed to convert, but you are not limited to it. You can simply create your own slider with the tools we offer without any coding knowledge. And the best thing is the number of sliders you can create is unlimited!

By using Smart Slider you can create product sliders that can highlight your:

  • Best-selling products
  • Special offers
  • Even some deals related to them

Besides that, it’s possible in just a few clicks to add a clear and unique CTA button to motivate your visitors to complete their customer’s journey and make a purchase.

Either you use the Carousel or the Showcase slider type both offer a beautiful layout with great responsive behavior.

Different slider types

However, they act differently in a responsive scenario. The Carousel type shows its slides in the same size, showing different amounts of them on different screen sizes.

On the other hand, the Showcase type shows the same amount of slides in every scenario.

You should try using Smart Slider’s Carousel or Showcase slider type and start designing irresistible product sliders if you want to achieve your goal of optimizing your e-commerce website for conversions.


All in all, Smart Slider offers every tool you can think of and more to boost your visitors’ engagement and turn them into actual customers. From all the cool and unique templates it can provide you with to its simple and easy-to-use interface, it gives you every gadget to catch your customers’ attention.

Therefore, we can simply conclude that Smart Slider 3 is the ultimate solution for any website that wants to increase its conversion rate.

Don’t just believe these words, download the Smart Slider 3 plugin for free and try it for yourself and let the magic happen. Your visitors will thank you for it.

It’s also worth your time to check our tutorial videos by which you can learn a lot.

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