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Digital Product Design: Made Easy with Smart Slider

Sara Humenyanszky
Sara Humenyanszky
June 23, 2023

Today, user experience is indispensable, and creating visually captivating products is essential to grab the attention of your target audience. According to current data, 89% of consumers switch to a competitor’s website as a result of a bad user experience. Since you have the ability to influence how users engage with your platforms as a digital product designer, why wouldn’t you take the most advantage of what it offers?

📚 Table of contents

💻 What is Digital Product Design?
The Role of Smart Slider 3 in Digital Product Design
🎓 How to Design a Digital Product with Smart Slider 3
💡 Conclusion

What is Digital Product Design?

Digital product design, to put it simply, is the art and science of creating digital products that both satisfy the consumers’ needs and expectations. It entails a strategy that takes a product’s aesthetics and functionality into account aiming to offer a seamless user experience.

There are many different types of digital products, including all types of platforms. Each of these products is made to add value and address the specific needs of users.

It is your responsibility as a digital product designer to ensure that the final product is in line with the users’ expectations and goals and to close the gap between technology and user demands. You are in charge of doing user research, getting to know the target audience, and incorporating your findings into considerate design choices.

The user-centered design philosophy is the main aspect of digital product design. This means that the significance of user involvement is emphasized throughout the whole design process. Even from the early research to prototyping and testing. You develop products that meet users’ demands and offer useful solutions, as you are studying their motives, habits, and pain points.

What Steps Does a Good Digital Product Require?

  • Research and User Analysis: Perform in-depth analysis to learn more about your target audience’s habits, likes, and objectives. User interviews, surveys, and competitor analysis fall under this category.
  • Goals and Objectives: Clearly establish the goals and objectives of your digital product while designing. It aids in directing the design procedure and guarantees that the design choices are in line with the anticipated results.
  • Create User Personas and User Journeys: To better understand the needs, motives, and pain points of your target audience, create user personas for them. Moreover, user journeys show the steps your consumers take to get in contact with your product. This helps you spot areas that may need improvement.
  • Use Prototypes: To visualize the functionality and structure of your digital product. Before moving on to the visual design stage reassess and improve the overall design.
  • Integrate Visual Components: This includes typography, color schemes, and images to produce a visually appealing and combined design. Pay close attention to the small details that improve visual hierarchy, legibility, and usability.
  • User Flows and Interaction Design: Create simple and smooth interactions that lead users through the product. Put your efforts into developing intuitive navigation, engaging interactions, and a responsive UI that adjusts to various devices.

Smart Slider 3's navigation settings

Long story short, you can produce digital products that exceed user expectations by following these steps, which will lead to improved user satisfaction and higher engagement.

The Role of Smart Slider 3 in Digital Product Design

As we are done with establishing the significance of digital product design, let’s turn our attention to Smart Slider 3. It’s an impressive WordPress slider plugin that can seriously improve your efforts in this area. So get ready for the adventure that will transform the way you think about designing digital products.

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Smart Slider 3 - The new way to build a Slider

Smart Slider 3 and Its Features

With the help of this flexible and user-friendly WordPress plugin, designers and developers can make eye-catching and engaging sliders for their websites. All the tools you need to captivate your audience and improve user experience are available with Smart Slider 3. All thanks to its user-friendly UI and its variety of capabilities.

Smart Slider’s primary features include:

  • Drag-and-Drop Editor and Layers: Smart Slider 3 provides a drag-and-drop editor that makes it easier to create and customize sliders. You can add and organize many unique layers, such as text, images, videos, and others with ease to create the layout that you want.
  • Responsive Design: Smart Slider 3 helps you ensure that your sliders look amazing on all platforms by changing the layout and design to fit various screen sizes. In today’s mobile-centric world, when visitors access your website from a variety of devices, responsiveness is essential.
  • Animations and Effects: Add some eye-catching effects to your sliders to make them more engaging. With the numerous pre-built animations Smart Slider 3 offers, you can add motion to each layer to create a better interface.
  • Template Library: There’s no need to worry if you are just starting out with Smart Slider 3 as they provide their users with an extensive library full of skillfully designed templates. So you can get a headstart and some guidance in your design process, they offer various templates in different styles, targeting different purposes.
Page slider templates
Available templates in Smart Slider 3

Benefits of Using Smart Slider 3 for Digital Product Design

Let’s look at some of the main benefits Smart Slider 3 offers to make your digital product design easier and more fun.

  • Increases Visual Appeal: You can design visually appealing sliders with Smart Slider 3 that capture the users’ attention and make a lasting impression. You can improve the aesthetics of your products by including interesting images, layers, animations, and effects.
  • Better User Engagement: Sliders made with Smart Slider can interact with users and effectively make them engage. You can direct customers’ attention and entice them to explore further by strategically placing call-to-action buttons, emphasizing essential features, or displaying products.

Cosmetics slider in Smart Slider 3
Live Preview


  • Seamlessly Works with WordPress: WordPress is the most widely used content management system (CMS) in the world, and Smart Slider 3 works with it without a hitch. You can quickly build and manage sliders on your WordPress-powered websites, saving you time and effort.
  • Efficiency in Terms of Time and Money: By using the drag-and-drop editor and the pre-made templates in Smart Slider 3, you can lower development costs and advance the design process. Without much coding and design expertise, you can easily create eye-catching sliders thanks to the user-friendly interface and ready-to-use layers.

Examples of Successful Digital Product Design in Smart Slider 3

Let’s look at some actual cases of successful digital products that were using this WordPress plugin to fully demonstrate the influence of Smart Slider 3 on digital product design.

Full-Width Product Carousel

A Full-Width Product Carousel’s main objective is to present the products in an appealing way to the eye. However, by utilizing Smart Slider 3 to improve its appearance, it goes beyond a simple product display. Additional capabilities offered by Smart Slider 3 enhance the carousel’s appearance, not to mention that other product-related material can be highlighted. So, emphasizing product names, promoting discounts, and offering other product-related materials are easily included.

With Smart Slider 3, the Full-Width Product Carousel delivers a dynamic and engaging experience, while additionally providing an effective way to present items. This makes it a beneficial tool for online product promotion.

Full-width product carousel in Smart Slider 3
Live Preview

Post Slider Carousel

This digital product is a Post Slider Carousel, which uses a dynamic slider structure to display the most recent or primary content. This product’s design has been perfected with Smart Slider 3. This way it acquires more features with stunning design options. The content can be presented with the carousel slider type, which leads to an engaging user experience.

With the help of this plugin, the digital product can efficiently and aesthetically present the most important or recent posts, grabbing the users’ attention and encouraging them to explore and interact with the material.

Post slider carousel in Smart Slider 3
Live Preview

Real Estate Slider

The Real Estate slider mixes outstanding visual effects with a minimalistic appearance. It is intended mostly for portfolio or real estate websites. Its design has been significantly based on the unique design capabilities of Smart Slider 3. This slider provides an aesthetically pleasing layout, grabbing users’ attention.

Moreover, Smart Slider makes it possible to incorporate stunning effects that give the slider a feeling of energy and beauty.

Real Estate slider in Smart Slider 3
Live Preview

Logo Carousel

The Logo Carousel is used to highlight sponsors, partners, or clients. Its goal is to present logos in a fun and interesting way. The layout, transitions, and animation options are flexible, enabling you to shape it to your liking with Smart Slider 3.

It’s a very powerful tool for highlighting or promoting the brands connected to a company or organization, increasing their visibility, and establishing collaborations.

Logo carousel in Smart Slider 3
Live Preview

Instagram Carousel

Users can make stunning carousels out of their Instagram photos with the Instagram Carousel. They can easily present their posts from Instagram and make eye-catching carousels, all thanks to Smart Slider 3’s flawless functionalities. The various design options enable them to create captivating carousels that display their Instagram material in an enticing way. It’s an effective tool for social media marketing and content promotion.

Instagram carousel in Smart Slider 3
Live Preview

Showcase Portfolio

With the Showcase Portfolio slider, users can present their portfolio pieces in an interactive way. Its design provides a visually captivating approach to highlight projects and creative work. They can take advantage of Smart Slider’s versatility to create alluring portfolio sliders. It offers a variety of design options to exhibit portfolio items in an engaging way. Artists, designers, and professionals can use this slider to display their projects and make an impact on visitors.

Showcase portfolio in Smart Slider 3
Live Preview

Politician Slider

The Politician slider introduces visitors to the company and its objectives. Regardless of one’s political background, it offers an appealing and professional look. Besides, it integrates powerful design elements and popular effects to make sure that the objectives or the company are presented in a memorable way. This slider is a useful tool for people or companies who are trying to successfully deliver their message and make an impact on visitors.

Politician slider in Smart Slider 3
Live Preview

Testimonial Thumbnail

The Testimonial Thumbnail slider uses visuals, particularly brand logos, to increase credibility and trust with visitors. These are efficiently displayed using thumbnails. Just like all the other products, this one as well is perfected by Smart Slider 3’s features.

Users can make an interactive and eye-catching slider that displays the logos of businesses they have collaborated with. Potential customers feel more confident in the company or individual as a result of this demonstration of reliable partnerships.

Testimonial slider with thumbnails in Smart Slider 3
Live Preview

These examples show the adaptability and influence of the plugin in producing interesting and beautiful sliders by integrating it into the digital product design workflows.

We’ll go into detail about utilizing Smart Slider 3 to develop a digital product in the following part. From the installation and customization to the optimization of your slider, we’ll provide you with some additional tips to support you on this journey. So let’s dive in!

How to Design a Digital Product with Smart Slider 3

As we have already covered the benefits of using Smart Slider 3 for digital product design, let’s go through the actual steps we have to take in order to leverage its power in designing stunning and effective sliders for your own digital products. Let’s take a closer look at the process, from installation to optimization.

Installing and Setting Up Smart Slider in WordPress

  1. Firstly, log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Then, in the “Plugins” section, you can find the “Add New” option, click on it.
  3. Find Smart Slider 3 in the search.
  4. Then, select the “Install Now” option.
  5. And lastly, when it’s done with the installation click on “Activate”.

As soon as it has been activated you can find Smart Slider in the sidebar menu of your WordPress dashboard.

Smart Slider 3 in the sidebar menu of WordPress

Exploring Customization Possibilities

  • Create a New Slider: From the Smart Slider 3 menu, select “New Project” to start creating your slider.
  • Select a Template: Smart Slider 3 provides a large selection of unique templates to help you get started on your design. Then choose one from the library that fits the objectives and style of your digital product.
  • Add Layers: After selecting a template, you can take advantage of Smart Slider 3’s layer capabilities. You can easily add images, buttons, and other interactive features.
  • Customize the Layers: Then, you can start customizing the slide elements. Simply click on a layer and edit it, apply animations, adjust styling, or add new layers as needed.
  • Setup Slider Settings: Smart Slider 3 offers a number of possibilities for setting up your slider’s behavior and appearance. To fine-tune your design, consider choices like navigation controls, effects, timing, autoplay, and responsiveness.

Pre-designed Templates for Quick and Effective Design

A variety of pre-designed templates that are serving various industries and design aesthetics are available in the template library of Smart Slider 3. These templates are professionally designed and are fully engagement-focused.

Starting with a template in Smart Slider 3

Look through the template library and choose the one that most closely matches the goal and target audience of your digital product. You can edit a template after you’ve imported it so that it complements your branding and content. Create a customized and one-of-a-kind slider by changing the text, swapping out the images, and playing around with the design elements.

How to import a template in Smart Slider 3

Optimizing the Slider for Responsiveness and Performance

  • Make Sure Your Slider is Responsive: With the growing use of mobile devices, this is essential. The layout and sizing can be easily changed in Smart Slider 3 to fit different screen sizes. To make sure your slider looks amazing on all devices, preview it.
  • Reduce Image Sizes: The performance of your digital product can suffer from large image file sizes. To guarantee that your sliders load quickly without compromising image quality, use Smart Slider’s image optimization techniques.
  • Test and Improve: Thoroughly test your sliders on a variety of browsers and devices before publishing your digital product. Look for any performance, responsiveness, or functionality issues with the slider. Make the necessary changes to ensure a seamless user experience.


To sum it up, Smart Slider 3 is a game-changer for digital product design. You can undoubtedly elevate your designs to new heights and create appealing and engaging sliders. In addition, using this WordPress plugin in your workflow improves the overall user experience.

Without the need for in-depth coding or design knowledge, Smart Slider’s user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, responsive design features, animation effects, and template collection enable you to create aesthetically pleasing and engaging sliders. It works smoothly, making it simple to manage and optimize your website’s sliders.

While you are using Smart Slider 3 to make your digital product come to life, keep in mind to focus on a user-centered approach. So perform research, establish clear goals, and don’t leave out the wireframing and prototype stages.

All in all, by implementing Smart Slider 3, you can enhance your digital products’ design, increase user engagement, and provide unique experiences across various devices. So why wait?

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