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Better Activation and Pricing Changes

Ramona Nemeth-Csoka
Ramona Nemeth-Csoka
October 17, 2018
smar tslider activation

Smart Slider 3 updates always bring you the best and newest design tools to build a modern website. These can be new layers, effects or sample sliders you can start with. This time we have brought you something different: an easier way to access the awesome premium features. There’s a couple of other important pieces of news we would like to announce, so let’s get started!

Smart Slider 3 Pro activation has changed

Do you like having to search for your license key when you start a new project and install Smart Slider 3? Do you enjoy copy-pasting the key to the license field once you’ve found it? Neither do we. To save you from the headache we’ve got rid of the license keys. This also means that we’ve completely changed the activation process. From version 3.3.9 you can activate Smart Slider 3 on your new installations from the slider’s dashboard. This makes the whole process incredibly fast, easy and convenient. Does it seem hard to believe? Check out the video below:

So, what does the new activation process mean to you, if you have already activated Smart Slider 3 on your site? Good news: you don’t have to do anything. The new method affects new installations only. But you’ll love the new activation process when starting your next project and install Smart Slider 3.

Pricing changes coming soon

Ever since Smart Slider 3 was released, we’ve kept improving it and adding new features. We’ve recently added the Animated and Highlighted heading layers you can use. Both updates meant adding a handful of new sample sliders. By the way, we revamped the old samples during this summer. We improved them for the better in terms of usability and modern design. We released several awesome videos, including the new How to build series. Smart Slider 3 is compatible with Gutenberg and the most popular page builders, including Divi, Elementor, Beaver Builder and Page Builder by SiteOrigin.

We’re proud to deliver such great features and offer regular updates for you. And we couldn’t be more proud to deliver timely and high quality support for Smart Slider 3 customers. But after more than 3 years of continuous development, we’ve decided to adjust the prices to more accurately reflect the value you get by purchasing Smart Slider 3. Also, to make room for the other great new features coming. This adjustment will enable us to continue providing the quality service you love.

What does the price change mean to you?

If you’ve already grabbed a license, nothing will change for you. We won’t charge you to pay the difference between the current price and the one you paid. If you don’t have any license yet, you can still grab the packages for the old prices during this week. The prices will change next week, on 24th October, 2018. After that the price changes will take effect and you’ll be able to buy Smart Slider 3 for the following prices:

  • Single Domain package: $35
  • Business package: $150
  • Unlimited package: $250

From now on all packages offer lifetime support and updates. Including the Single Domain package, which now offers only 6 month support for $25. You can extend the support period for lifetime for a $10 fee during the checkout, which increases the cost to $35. Have you noticed that the price actually hasn’t changed if you take the support period change into account? In the past years we learned that people prefer purchasing with lifetime support. So we’ve decided to include it in the Single Domain package’s price from now on. After the prices change every new Smart Slider 3 customer can enjoy lifetime support and updates by buying any packages.

Don’t forget, the prices are going to change on 24th October, 2018. After that you will only be able to buy Smart Slider 3 PRO for the new prices.

Extended license is discontinued for theme developers

Before we dig into the details, let me explain what the Extended license is. It’s a license for theme developers, which allows them to put Smart Slider 3 Pro in a theme they create for selling. Each Extended license allows the theme developer to include Smart Slider 3 Pro in a single theme. The package has some other rules on the integration:

  • While they can add the Pro version, theme developers can’t share license key with their clients
  • The theme developers must handle the plugin support themselves.
  • The theme developers are responsible for keeping their clients’ Smart Slider 3 version up to date. They can do this by releasing a new theme version which contains the Smart Slider 3 update.

Wrapping it up: it’s a package meant for theme developers, to add more value to their product. From now on this package will not be available for purchase.

What does this mean for Extended license owners?

Of course you can keep Smart Slider 3 Pro in as many themes as many Extended license you have purchased before. You can keep supplying Smart Slider 3 updates for your clients as well. But you can’t put Smart Slider 3 Pro to new themes as you can’t buy new Extended licenses.

What if theme developers create new themes?

Smart Slider 3 has an excellent free version which you can include in the next awesome theme you create. It’s available for both WordPress and Joomla, so it’s a suitable replacement. And the free version also has several cool features. For instance, the most popular layers are available and there’s the slider autoplay feature you can use. What’s even more, there are nice background animations. All in all, the free version is a great tool for anyone who would like to create great looking, responsive sliders.

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Discontinued platforms: standalone HTML and Magento

When we released Smart Slider 3 in 2015 it was available for 4 platforms: WordPress, Joomla, Magento and standalone HTML. Unfortunately the latter two platforms had very few users. We’ve decided in the future we would like to focus on our WordPress and Joomla versions as much as possible. As of today, we officially discontinue both Magento and HTML versions of Smart Slider 3. They will receive one last update in 2018 but after that they’ll only receive security updates until December 31th, 2019.


We are sure you’ll love the new, easy activation of Smart Slider 3 and you’ll save valuable time on your next project. We’re committed to provide high quality service and excellent product for you. We believe that adjusting the price of Smart Slider 3 will allow us to continue offering the same top-level services you got used to. And don’t forget: until 24th October, 2018 you can still grab your Smart Slider 3 license for the current prices.

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