Video Slider Examples in Smart Slider 3

Smart Slider 3 allows you to create various video slides to your website such as YouTube, Vimeo and HTML5 videos.


Video Block

Description: Create stunning video sliders using your favorite YouTube, Vimeo or MP4 videos.

Premium: Gain access to all slider templates with a single purchase.

Minimum version: 3.3.0


Every WordPress website tells a story, but this story isn’t so interesting without a visual impact. Web designers tend to use images to make this impact and create amazing sites. At first, these images were not so big but nowadays it’s not uncommon to see a huge background image on a website and they look impressive. The downside of using images is that they’re static design elements, even if they’re in a slider. But your website doesn’t have to be static as you can use videos instead of images. What is even better, you can even combine sliders with videos, creating a nice video slider.

A video slider, while looking great, isn’t often used on websites. People might feel they don’t need it or they just don’t have enough good and quality videos. But you can find nice free videos on the Internet which you can create this block while you take advantage on the other nice features. Of course you can use Smart Slider 3 to create this block while you take advantage on the other nice features.

Fullpage slider background video as site header

The first slider on this page is a full page video slider. It plays an MP4 video in the background, behind all the layers. These layers usually contain more important information than the background video. So it’s not a big problem if parts of the video aren’t visible under the layers. This background video is a design element, after all. All major desktop browsers support MP4 videos, which we are using for backgrounds. The modern mobile browsers can play these videos as well.

The slider also has a lightbox feature, which opens the same MP4 video which you can see in the background. The lightbox allows visitors to enjoy the video without any distraction. Additionally, the bottom of the slider contains handy navigation buttons. These buttons scroll down to one of the other sliders in this page. This behavior is easy to set up with Smart Slider 3 for any image or video slider.

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Amazing free YouTube slider for WordPress

Many people use YouTube videos in their WordPress site, because they load fast and watchable on any device. In Smart Slider 3 you can create a nice looking YouTube slider for free. You can set any video to autoplay and to loop in your free video slider. At each YouTube layer you have other useful settings. For instance you can adjust the video quality. Or you can make the video start again after the visitor changed the slide and came back to the video. Additionally, this free YouTube slider has another interesting feature: the thumbnail navigation.

This thumbnail navigation is easy to create. You can quickly add a YouTube video with the Add Video feature. It adds the title and cover image of the video to the slide title and thumbnail. This makes it possible to add nice looking controls to your slider for easy navigation. For instance, you can create a nice thumbnail control with or without images. What’s even better, this small play icon you can see on the thumbnails is a simple setting. So you don’t have to edit the thumbnail images just to have a play icon on them. All you need to do is to change the thumbnail type to “video”.

Would you like to add this video slider to your WordPress site? Then download the free Smart Slider 3 and import it with one click.

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Vimeo slider with fade animation

This slider is much like the YouTube slider. For example, you can find the thumbnail control on the right side. Unlike the YouTube slider, this slider shows the thumbnails without the actual images. Another difference is that the videos doesn’t autoplay, but you can change that at the layer’s settings. The Vimeo slider does not switch slides automatically either, so the visitor needs to do it. Of course, you can change that if you prefer playing the slides automatically. Like the YouTube layer, the Vimeo layer has many other useful features for you to use. The autoplay isn’t the only useful setting, there are many more to chose from. For example, you can loop the videos or adjust their quality. The slides change with a simple fade animation, which are nice and elegant.

video slider in HTML
HTML5 Video Slide.
Smart Slider 3 will display the selected MP4 video in your slider. You can add video as background or as layer. Smart Slider 3 is the best way to create video slider from just about any video source.
video slider in WordPress
Vimeo Video Slide.
Smart Slider 3 makes it easy to create video slide to your website. You can display the selected video in your slide directly from Vimeo. Just copy and paste Vimeo video links to add new slides.
video slider in joomla
YouTube Video Slide.
Smart Slider 3 allows you to create a beautiful YouTube slide that you can easily add to your site. The YouTube layer is available in the free version. Just paste the YouTube links to add new slides.
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Mixed full width slider

This slider is unique because it contains both one YouTube, MP4 and Vimeo video slide. Moreover it’s full width. The video and text layers have a nice layer animation, and the slides change with a parallax effect. The videos are not playing in the actual slide, but in a lightbox. This way the visitor can enjoy them without distraction in the highest possible size. This is also great for the loading time, as the videos don’t show up until the lightbox is launched. Our lighbox supports both YouTube, Vimeo and MP4 videos.

This mixed slider uses text bullets for the nice an convenient navigation experience. The background image of the slides is blurred to increase the contrast. By the way this is a setting that is available for any slide background image. So you don’t have to upload pre-blurred images, which saves you a lot of time.

Genius: Extended Trailer
National Geographic's first scripted anthology series, GENIUS, will focus on Nobel Prize-winning physicist Albert Einstein.
Savage Kingdom: Official Trailer
Warring animal clans battle for survival in a remote region of Africa. The winners are rewarded with the richest hunting grounds in the kingdom.
Planet Earth II: Official Trailer
10 years ago Planet Earth changed our view of the world. Now we take you closer than ever before. This is life in all its wonder. This is Planet Earth II.
Extreme Weather: Trailer
Get closer than you've ever been to collapsing glaciers, out-of-control wildfires, and tornado-whipped debris while discovering the...
MARS: Trailer
In a unique blend of scripted drama and feature-film caliber visual effects, intercut with documentary sequences.

Showcase video slider

Showcase sliders shine when you want to create a slider that shows many slides at once. This slider type keeps the main video slide in the middle while it shows parts of the next and previous slides. This encourages the visitor to check out more slides. We created the slides in Content mode, which ensures the great responsiveness. Each video opens in a lightbox, so the actual video doesn’t load with the slider, only the images do. The videos in this slider come from YouTube, but they can be simple MP4 videos or hosted by Vimeo.

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