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Joomla Article Slider

Description: Your visitors will love this nice looking Joomla Article slider which you don't have to maintain after setting it up.

Premium: Gain access to all slider templates with a single purchase.

Minimum version:


Creating a slider from the website’s articles is a long awaited possibility for most Joomla users. Smart Slider 3 has a wonderful feature that allows you to automatically fetch Joomla articles (based on filters you set), and customize how the created slides will look; the Joomla Content generator, which is a dynamic article generator that you can set up. When you create a dynamic Joomla slider, you have many options to filter your posts, you can select the categories, tags or even the language of the articles that should be put to the slider.

Check out the video tutorial to learn how to create a dynamic slider like this!

How does the dynamic article generator work?

With the help of the dynamic article generator, you can always show your latest posts without having to manually add them (one-by-one) to the slider everytime you add a new post. The generator, when the cache time expires, will automatically look for the new articles and show them in the slider.

The greatest advantage of having a dynamic article slider is that there is no maintenance. You create the generator once, you set it up, and you can focus on your other things, while the generator will be focusing on its job: fetching the new articles from your site, saving you the time and effort it would take to create a new slide every time you add a new post.

Unique dynamic sliders

When you create a dynamic slide, you can create it using any slider type: Simple type, Carousel type, Showcase type. All of them works perfectly with the dynamic slides, and give a really unique look to your slider. You can also choose any responsive mode you prefer. Any controls (like the arrows and thumbnails on this slider) can be selected and customized to your liking. You can add any layers to show your content.

In this demo slider, we enabled the thumbnail control for the slider to create a visual way of navigation for the users, and it looks fabulous. Since any feature can be used as it would be possible with a normal slider, the Ken Burns effect was added to the slider, too.

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