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New Slide Library Theme: Nala

Ramona Nemeth-Csoka
Ramona Nemeth-Csoka
November 15, 2022

At the time of writing, Smart Slider offers more than 150 gorgeous slider templates. You can import them by one click and they let you create sliders fast. All templates are fully customizable, which means you can edit anything we added to them. You can replace the images to your own ones, edit the demo text to your site’s and so on. Additionally, you can add or remove layers as you see fit.

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Smart Slider 3 - The new way to build a Slider

But Smart Slider offers more than just ready made sliders. In fact, it has a Slide Library, which offers slide templates. You can use these to create custom sliders, or to add a new slide to your existing slider.

What is the Slide Library?

The Slide Library is actually very similar to the Template Library. The main difference is that you don’t import ready sliders, but you load one slide template at a time. This allows you to build each slide of your slider one by one. You can choose the next slide from the various categories.

The Slide Library contains 8 categories, and each of them contains 10 slides. That’s a ton of slides to choose from! The available categories are: header, media, feature, content, testimonial, team, product and number. For example, the header category contains slides that’ll help you create nice headers. Would you rather display your clients’ testimonials? Have a look at the Testimonial category to pick fitting designs.

Where to find the Slide Library?

You can access the Slide Library at your slides. First, go to the Slide Editor by clicking on the slide thumbnail. Then, open the Add panel and go to the Library tab. Here you can select the theme you want to pick slides from and open the categories to browse the slides. To load a library slide to your currently edited slide, click on its thumbnail. Please note: any content you had on the slide before it is overwritten.

Some slides are available in the Free version of Smart Slider. We have marked the Pro only slides with a Pro badge. To be able to download these slides, you need to to activate your Smart Slider pro plan on your domain.

Introducing the new Slide library theme, Nala

When we launched the Slide Library in 3.2 it contained one theme, Orion. Our goal with the Slide Library was to offer slides with matching designs. Orion had more than 100 slides like this, so it was a great start for the Slide Library. Today I’m happy to introduce our new Slide library theme, Nala.

Explore Theme

Nala is a new theme that brings the Slide Library to the next level. It features slides that look super modern, unique and colorful. Additionally, it’s easy to match these slides and create unique designs. Nala adds 10 slides to each library category. Additionally, it offers a dark and light theme for every slide.

New slider templates

To show you the power and possibilities of the Slide Library, we created not one but four new templates. They are based on individual Slide Library templates. So, they’re great to display how gorgeous the Nala theme is.

New slider template – Nala Page Dark

The Nala Page Dark template is a gorgeous dark landing page. It uses an orangish color for highlight which looks spectacular. Layer animations and Shape Dividers make it more interesting for visitors.

Nala Page Dark - New Slider Group Template
Nala Page Dark – New Slider Group Template

New slider template – Nala Page Light

The Nala Page Light template is a clean and modern landing page. It features gorgeous images, cool layer animations and Shape Dividers. Additionally, it’s highlight color is blue which makes it perfect for any business.

Nala Page Light - New Slider Group Template
Nala Page Light – New Slider Group Template

New slider template – Nala Fullpage

The Nala Fullpage template is the perfect hero for your site. It’s a full page slider so it’ll have plenty of space to captivate your visitors.

Nala Fullpage - New Slider Template
Nala Fullpage – New Slider Template

New slider template – Nala Showcase

The Nala Showcase template the perfect choice for you if you’re looking for an interesting way to tell your story. It looks amazing and offers plenty of slides to display amazing content.

Nala Showcase - New Slider Template
Nala Showcase – New Slider Template


The Template Sliders are one of Smart Slider’s most powerful features. They let you create gorgeous sliders, blocks or pages quickly. As Smart Slider keeps growing, we can offer more and more ready-made templates for our users. The new Slide Library theme is a great addition to Smart Slider and it will help you build stunning modern slides in no time.

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