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Post Slider Showcase

Description: With a Showcase slider you can display many slides at once, and it keeps the active slide in the middle which the visitor can focus on.

Premium: Gain access to all slider templates with a single purchase.

Minimum version:


The Showcase slider is another special slider which is easy to create with Smart Slider 3 Pro. Like a WordPress Carousel, it can display many slides at once and that’s great to show your posts. The biggest advantage of the Showcase slider is that it keeps one slide in the middle. This helps the visitor focus on one post at a time while they also learn that there is more content to see. In a carousel slider the number of sliders you can see depends on the space there is in the pane, but the showcase slider type can even show a part of the next and the previous slider.

Clicking on a not active slide, the slider switches to that slide so the visitor can check its content. This is a nice and convenient way to encourage the visitor to check more slides and posts. Besides, there is an option at the showcase type sliders that you can reduce the space between the slides if you set the slide distance to 0. And if you turn on the expert mode, you will see more settings of this slider type. You can customize the active slide, the previous and next slides as well. There is an option to change their opacity, or you can rotate or scale them.

If you want to use this demo slider as a dynamic slider, you can follow our documentation. First you should import this template, and click on the slide what you want to use, and copy it. Then you can create a dynamic slide, and set the dynamic generator. Finally you can paste the copied slide, and you can replace the layers’ content with variables, and they will change dynamically. You can replace the date, the author, the title and a short description of the post, also you can put the link of the article on the heading layer.

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