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Vinum Chenin Blanc
The perfect balance of fruity and savory

Taste: Chenin Blanc is a prime example of this palate-pleasing balance of rich fruit notes and savory smoke.

Flavor Notes: Peach, Apple, Spice, Pineapple

VariIetal: 100% Chenin Blanc

Les Hauts de Bacchus Rouge
A ruby red, medium-bodied organic blend

Taste: Pour it and enjoy a nose of red fruits, a supple and fruity palate, and the way its lively character mingles with spicy meat dishes like chile con carne.

Flavor Notes: Red cherries, Plum, Black currant

VariIetal: Red Blend

El Pescaito Vino Blanco
Spanish white with a school of ripe fruit

Taste: Bright floral aromas surface immediately when you uncork El Pescaito White Blend.

Flavor Notes: Nectorine, Wild berries, Spice

VariIetal: White Blend

Vespertine Zinfandel
Fruit-forward Zin softened with Tempranillo

Taste: Typical of Zinfandel, the finish evokes sweet leather and layers of vanilla and coconut.

Flavor Notes: Blackberry, Spicy Cherry, Coconut

VariIetal: Zinfandel

Sous La Mer Rosé
A Floral and Citrusy California Rosé

Taste:A French Rosé through and through, this fruity, floral Rosé will hold its own in nearly any situation.

Flavor Notes: Nectorine, Wild berries, Spice

VariIetal: 100% Grenache Blend


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Description: The Winery template comes with clean layout and subtle motion effects, perfect for selling those wines! With the Showcase slider type you can display many products at once, and boost your sales.

Premium: Gain access to all slider templates with a single purchase.

Minimum version:



The Winery slider is a showcase type slider, which displays more slides next to each other, but puts the focus on the active slide in the middle. Clicking on the previous or next slides, you can navigate forward or backward to see the others. This is a full width slider, and fills the entire width of the browser.

The showcase has a solid green background color what you can freely change in the General tab of the Slider settings.

Slider background color
Slider background color

In a showcase slider you can set the size of the slider and slides separately. The middle slide is fully visible, and you can see a part of the other slides, too. The next and previous slides are also scaled down to 90% of the original size which highlights the active slide. Between the slides there is 80px distance which can help to separate the slides from each other.

Slider and slide sizes
Slider and slide sizes


You can meet the same layers with different content on every slide. There are 2 heading layers, 3 text layers which describe your product, a button layer and images which decorate the slides. The purpose of the Winery slider is to showcase your products. For this reason each slide contains a call to action button which displays the price, and you can navigate your visitor to the products page.

Do you want to check your layers or change them? Use the layer list to find all of your layers in your slide. You can open it from the top left corner of the layer window. Here you can check all layers of the slide, change their name, copy, delete, hide them or change their order.

Layer list in Smart Slider
Layer list in Smart Slider


The specialty of the Winery slider is the layer animation behind the bottles. There are 4 images in a circle shape, and when you switch a slide, 3 images will rotate. These 3 image layers have a layer animation which rotates the layers in their Z axis. The animations are synchronized with each other, that you can check on the timeline.

Starting points of the layer animations
Starting points of the layer animations

You can see different movements on each slide, which cheer up the whole slider, because the visitor will see different animations when they switch to another slide.

Animations and Timeline
Animations and Timeline


The layout of the slides are very simple, we have used a 1 row – 2 columns structure. The content is in the left column, and the images are in the right.

1 row - 2 columns structure
1 row – 2 columns structure

If you check the slides, you can see that each slide has an image in the bottom left corner behind the row. This is an absolute positioned image layer, so it won’t move away if the size of the slider will change. If you want to replace the image, open the layer list, and you can find the layer at the bottom of the list. Then pick another image, or change its position, and save your settings.

Let’s take a look at the right column! You can find 5 images here: a bottle with Default position, and 4 images behind it with Absolute position. The 4 image layers are linked to each other, so it doesn’t matter if the size of the slider will change, the shapes will keep the distance in every view, and you can move them together.


When you optimize your slider for mobile, you should aim to make it maximum 600px tall. The most important thing you need to know is that, your slide’s height is based on the layers, and all the slides’ height are based on your highest slide. So if you want to make your slider smaller on mobile, you should make the changes on all of your slides.

There are more options which can make the height of the slider smaller. We have used the font resizer on the heading layers, and now the headings are 60% of the original font size. The text layers are hidden on mobile, which is a great trick if you want to reduce the height. The bottle image by default was too tall, to make it smaller you can set a maximum width to the layer, which reduces its height, too.

Maximum width option
Maximum width option

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