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Description: Nowadays it is a common approach to fill in the intro section of a website with a full-width slideshow. You can create gorgeous presentations with images, videos and blog posts.

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Sliders are great tools to display your images. A gorgeous slideshow can help encourage visitors to spend more time on the website. Smart Slider 3 is not a simple image slider as it lets you add other content as well. For instance, you can add text and buttons to your slides, as you can see on this slider. The slides of the Free Full Width slider contain 3 layers: two headings and a button.

How to create the layers of this slider?

The layers on this slider have simple settings which make the slider look minimalistic. Minimalism is one of the key elements of modern web design trends. Below you can learn how to set up the layers of your own slides to mimic the Free Full Width sample.

First heading layer

The first heading layer is probably the most unique looking layer of this slider. It displays uppercase letters with an underline below. This underline is actually a bottom border, which is 3px wide, making the line rather thick.

The actual content of the layer is “Short story”. But, as you can see, it is displayed with uppercase letters. It’s one of Smart Slider 3’s great features that changes the look of the text. Watch the video to learn how can you transform your entered content to uppercase.

Second heading layer

The second heading layer’s most interesting part is the font family. Websites usually use sans serif fonts, so it’s rare to see a serif font in a headline. This is a Google Font, it is called “Playfair Display” and it’s available as one of Smart Slider 3’s predefined fonts.

Button layer

Modern websites commonly use buttons, which have rounded corners. Designers refer to such buttons as “pill buttons”, as they look like a pill. The best part of these buttons, apart from looking trendy, is that Smart Slider 3 lets you create them with ease.

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