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Crypto Block

Description: The Crypto Block slider helps you create a modern hero header. It can increase your conversion rates thanks to its minimal design and easy to notice CTA button.

Premium: Gain access to all slider templates with a single purchase.

Minimum version:


Creating beautiful hero blocks with nice text effect has never been easier. The Animated heading layer has all the effects you need, such as the typewriter effect which you can see on the slider above. The most noticeable animation on the slider is the typewriter effect. But there’s also a particle effect and an animated shape divider. In front of the monitor there’s an image box layer which has a layer animation on it, just like the small icons have.

What about the slider’s structure? Well, we used Content mode to build the basic structure: a row with two columns. The left column has the Animated heading, text and button layers. The right column only has the monitor image. We used Canvas mode to add the design elements: the five icons and the image box layer.

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