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Vertical Thumbnail

Description: Simple and smart solution to showcase more slides. Better navigation and extra information!

Premium: Gain access to all slider templates with a single purchase.

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The vertical thumbnail example is a simple and smart solution to showcase more slides. Each slide has a slide background image, so with that gallery slider you can show your photos. Thanks for the full screen control, you can enlarge the images to fullscreen, and you can enjoy the slideshow with your images in the full page. The slider plays automatically and changes the slides in every 8 second. At the bottom you can see the working autoplay control, which calls the visitors’ attention that something will happen there. Besides that you have two options to navigate between the slides: drag with your mouse or use the thumbnail control.

How you can upload more images to your slideshow?

The slider is built up with 16 images, and you can create that kind of gallery with a few clicks. If you want to create an image slider quickly, you can use the ‘Image’ option after you click on the ‘New slide’ button. After that you will see your images in the WordPress Media Library, where you can select more images one by one, or you can use the SHIFT, and by clicking on the first and the last image, the inner images will be selected, too. In the example there are 16 selected images, and from the images will be created 16 simple slides with their images in the background.

Change the titles and descriptions at the same time

If you use thumbnails with showing the title and a short description, and you have many slides, it can be useful to use the Quick edit slides option. You can find that in the Slider settings, and after you click on the icon, you can add the titles and descriptions of every slide at the same time and you can put a link on the slides as well.

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