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Simply the Best Slider Plugin

This is hands down my go to slider over other popular premium and free sliders. These days I use it for very cool full page, full width and “Hero” images. I don’t do many sliders anymore for other reasons, but this is a standard install for my client sites. The crew has constantly improved the function and interface and is always responsive to issues. I find many ways to use this above and below the fold.


Then I found Smart Slider mentioned in a review of Top Ten sliders — by a commentator aghast that Smart Slider was not in the review! I agree. Smart Slider is smarter than the competition I tried… including top-ranked products. Be smart. Go Smart.

Slick Slider

I needed a no-frills slider with thumbnails in a hurry, that did not require a Ph.D. to learn. I chose Smart Slider because of the positive reviews both on, and off WordPress. Not only did it deliver, it over-delivers. And that is just the free version. The PRO version is worth the money since you can literally build entire sites with the tools provided.

Intuitive and troublefree

So having a WYSIWYG interface that allows me to easily create and customize sliders was a life saver. I had tried a different plug-in, and had any number of issues that I could not debug. Rather than give up, I decided to try smart slider instead. Good call. I am happy enough to take a few minutes to give them a thumbs up, because good products (like games!) should have reviews. Cheers!

Superb Plugin

I must say Smart Slider is the best WordPress slider plugin available on the market. Quality and simplicity of the plugin makes it easy to use. Many features included in it, create many opportunities for every web designer. I really recommend. I’ve tried many before but none of them offered what SS3 does.


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