Free vs. Pro

The pro version of Smart Slider 3 offers tons of new features and lots of additional options to the existing ones when it’s compared to the free version (currently available for WordPress only). Some of these features are highlighted in the documentation or on the pricing page, however, the below list will contain the complete features you get after switching to the pro version.

Are you still wondering why you should upgrade to the pro version? We have made a video to help you make the decision.


Switching from the free to the pro version introduces various features, but fortunately, the interface remains the same. However, there are two or three new boxes: one is to add the license key (and remove it), one to look for Smart Slider 3 updates. Once the license key is added, each and any of the sample sliders can be downloaded with just one click.

Slider settings

The Simple type slider is the most commonly known slider type which is available in the free version, too, and it has a couple of pro only features:

Additional features for the Simple slider type

  • Slider background image
    It is possible to set the parallax effect (the result of the fixed background image) using this option. The Simple type sliders can also have a slider background video in mp4, ogg and webm format.
  • Ken Burns effect (focus point, speed and strength can be customized) and 61 brand new Background animation
  • The Simple type sliders can also have Dynamic height, based on the set slide background image

New slider types

Carousel slider type
  • Slide size (to set the actual size of the slides)
  • Maximum pane width (to prevent too many slides to be shown)
  • Single switch (to allow the slider to show only one new slide, preventing the empty slide areas when the panes are switched)
Showcase slider type
  • Slide size (to set the actual size of the slides, that might be downscaled when the slider size is reduced)
  • Direction (horizontal or vertical)
  • Slide distance (to)
  • Special animation settings (to rotate, scale or or move the slides, or to change their opacity)
Accordion slider type
  • Orientation (horizontal or vertical)
Block slider type

This slider type will show one slide only, regardless of the amount of slides added.

  • Slider background image (parallax effect can be set, as a result of the fixed image position)
  • Ken Burns effect on the slide background image
  • Slider background video in mp4, ogg and webm format

Slider settings

While looking at the slider settings, there are tons of new options to explore.

Size tab
  • Two new responsive modes: Full page and Adaptive
  • The Full width responsive mode has maximum slide width settings for landscape orientations
  • Custom slider sizes (to change the ratio for the slider in tablet and mobile view)
  • Show on devices (to hide the slider on desktops, tablets or mobiles)
  • New background image fill mode: Fixed
Autoplay tab

It can be set when the autoplay should finish or when it should be resumed.

Layer animations tab
Optimize tab
  • Lazy load or delayed load for background images
  • Layer image optimization (for tablets and mobiles)
  • Layer image embed into HTML (to reduce the amount of request when many small images are used)
Advanced tab
  • Play when visible (plays the layer animation and videos only when the slider is visible)
  • Lightbox from backgrounds (Automatically creates a lightbox from each background image. Using the arrows of the lightbox it is possible to go through each slide.) Slide title and description can be shown as lightbox caption. Related feature: at the Slide settings device specific images can be shown
  • Randomize (to show the slides in a random order)


While looking at the bottom of the Slider settings page, at the Controls and their settings, there are many new features to explore.
Each control can be set to display on different devices (desktop, tablet, mobile) and they can be hidden on specific slides. The advanced positioning (to place the controls whichever desired position in the slider) is also available.
The notable features to the specific controls are listed below.

  • New types
  • Custom image can be set for the previous and next arrow at the “image” arrow type
  • The next and previous arrows can be styled individually
  • New types
  • Align and orientation can be set
  • Custom image can be used
  • Stop and resume icon can be styled individually
  • Three indicator types: bar, circle and cake
  • Each of them have their unique styling settings
  • Possibility to make it appear as vertical
  • Vertical or Horizontal orientation
  • Thumbnail groups
  • Center
  • Apart from the default shadows, custom images can be uploaded
  • Size can be adjusted
Full screen
  • Allows the slider to fill the entire screen
  • Custom images can be added
  • Default images can be styled as one or separately
  • Possibility to add any custom HTML, CSS or JavaScript code to the slider

Slide settings

As you are getting closer to finish your slider, you’ll reach the Slide editor screen that offers tons of new features, just like the Slider Settings did.

New layers

The Pro version offers 8 brand-new layers to make the slides even more unique. These layers are: icon, list, transition, caption, iframe, video, html, placeholder.
The Joomla version also offers a Joomla module layer.

Adaptive sizing (text layers only)

There are cases when the texts should not be responsive but stay the same size in every view. The Adaptive sizing (when turned on) takes care of this.

Layer animations & Events

We’re proud to present our highly customizable animation builder which can be used to create any kind of unique animation. Naturally, there are presets made by us that can be selected if you want to create a nice looking animation quickly.
Once an animation is created it can be saved beside the default presets to be loaded later.
Smart Slider 3 offers 3 types of Layer animations: IN, LOOP and OUT.
The events are strongly tied to the Layer animations, as the layer animations can be triggered by them. For example when some layers need to be shown only when a button layer is clicked, it can only be done using the events.

Split text animation

This animation is available for the heading layer only. Two types can be set: in and out. Just like the Layer animations, Split text animations are also highly customizable.

Slide background video

These videos fill the entire slide. The accepted formats are: mp4, ogg and webm.

Device specific backgrounds

Using this setting, the mobile users can be prevented from having to load a desktop size (e.g. 1920x600px wide) image, saving data and loading speed.

Smart Slider 3 allows you to put a lightbox on just about anything: the slide itself, and most of the layers. Some layers where the lightbox can be used: button, heading, caption, icon.
The lightboxes in Smart Slider 3 are not just simple image lightboxes, videos and specific webpages can be shown, too.

Ken burns effect to the selected slide

It is already possible to set a background animation to the specific slide only in the Free version. Using the Pro version, it became possible to add the Ken Burns effect (that can be customized just like at the Slider settings) to the selected slide only.

Published between

This feature is useful when a slide needs to be published between specific dates.

Chaining layers

When two layers are placed close to each other and the slider is viewed in smaller screen, these layers might overlap. Chaining them will prevent the overlapping and provide better responsive behavior for them.

Developer options

There are people who need to do some custom coding on their layers. For example, to have them trigger a custom JavaScript function, or simply they just want to style all of their buttons by custom CSS coding. The native support to add custom CSS classes and trigger custom JavaScript events will be extremely useful for them.

Additional features


There are some additional features that are worth mentioning. For example, we have a great list of Dynamic slide generators, and the list keeps on growing. For WordPress, the only generator available was the simple WordPress Post generator (Posts by filter and Posts by IDs), the Pro version, however, supports custom post types as dynamic sources (individually or all of them in one generator).

There are numerous dynamic slide sources supported based on different WordPress Plugins:

The full, growing lists is available here.

And the General generators, that are not related to any platform are also available, featuring:

The full, growing lists is available here.

For Joomla! you can find the following dynamic slide generators:

The full, growing lists is available here.