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Ready to wow your visitors? Meet Smart Slider 3 – your secret weapon for creating dazzling WordPress sliders, carousels, and dynamic content presentations with ease.

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Discover why over 900,000 users are thrilled with Smart Slider 3. Join a vibrant community of designers, developers and agencies who have effortlessly transformed their digital projects.

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to life

Drag. Drop. Design. It's that simple. Our intuitive editor lets you bring your ideas to life effortlessly. Build, customize, and animate your content, all within one user-friendly space.

Let's get started
a pre-designed template or start from scratch

Kickstart your design with our awesome templates or let your creativity run wild on a blank canvas. With Smart Slider 3, you've got options! Choose from a variety of templates for different vibes, or create your own custom slider that matches your vision and content.

Design your ideas
slider or create your ideas

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, Smart Slider 3 is your canvas for creativity. Dive right in, sculpt your slider masterpiece, and make your vision come to life. Not sure where to start? Choose from our 650+ stunning templates and make them uniquely yours.

Create interactivity
Add depth
and interactivity to your slides

It's time to transform passive viewers into active participants. Our interaction triggers are your secret weapon for creating slides that truly connect with your audience. Your viewers won't just watch; they'll interact, engage, and come back for more, making your content truly memorable.

Finish & integrate
Review and release:
Your slider's final steps

So, you've put the finishing touches on your slider, and it's looking fantastic. Now, it's time to show it off! All you need to do is hit the "Save" button. Whether you want it in a blog post, on a page, or even in a widget area, Smart Slider 3 ensures a smooth process.

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Slide Library

Ready-made slides that match your unique style? Check. Our library of 500+ customizable UI kit ensures you'll find the perfect fit for your website projects.

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all-in-one solution
for website sliders

Ready for your "wow" moment? Experience endless flexibility and kickstart your next project with unlimited styles, options, and templates at your fingertips.

From dream to design: Embrace 180+ stunning templates

Explore the Template Library – a treasure trove of complete slider designs, each packed with multiple slides and their elements. No fuss, just import these ready-made gems into your projects. Perfect for when you're on the hunt for purpose-built slider designs that are good to go!

No coding, just drag-and-drop

Crafting stylish designs shouldn't be complicated. Unleash your creativity with our intuitive drag-and-drop editor – no coding skills required! Craft dynamic slides by simply dragging elements onto the canvas.

Performance meets perfection

We get it – speed and performance matter. Say goodbye to sluggish loading! Our lightning-fast speeds ensure your site stays snappy, giving visitors a seamless journey. Slow content? Not here! With Smart Slider 3, you'll keep your audience fully engaged.

Ask, we're here (No bots!)

Welcome to Smart Slider 3 – where you're not alone. Our friendly support team, made up of skilled professionals, is here to lend a hand whenever you need it. No automated responses, no bots – just us, real people genuinely excited to help you thrive.

Animate the easy way: just click!

Elevate Your Website with Professional Sliders, Crafted in Minutes. Make your website truly pop with eye-catching animations and effects that breathe life into your content. Use our timeline feature to perfect the timing, adding that extra touch of finesse.

Dazzle, whatever device

Your content, their devices – a match made in digital heaven. With our user-friendly customization options, you can easily create content that adapts beautifully to different screens.

Slider on the move

Smart Slider 3's import and export feature allows you to effortlessly transport your creation across websites. No more headaches – just a smooth journey for your slider as it explores new online landscapes.

Craft, shine, be flawless

Flaws? Not in our vocabulary! Thanks to our ruler feature, your designs are transformed into showcases of pixel-perfect brilliance. Say goodbye to inconsistencies and hello to content that's 100% you – aligned, sleek, and harmonious.

Set your creativity free

Our plugin lets you create sliders that are a direct reflection of your brand's uniqueness and your individual style. Play with fonts, colors, and backgrounds to craft visual stories that speak volumes and leave a lasting impression.

Ready for

Unleash a wave of Pro awesomeness on your projects! Going Pro means tapping into a treasure trove of features and tools that amplify your digital creations. Sliders, blocks, pages, and carousels – all infused with Pro-level brilliance that guarantees results that stand out.

Slide types for every need

Dive into Smart Slider 3's diverse slide types, each waiting to bring your visions to life. Whether it's classic sliders, dynamic carousels, versatile blocks, or captivating full-page designs – the possibilities are endless.

Step up your editing game

In the world of dynamic design, every second counts. Smart Slider 3 empowers you to take control of your editing process like never before, thanks to an array of powerful keyboard shortcuts. Use intuitive shortcuts to select, copy, cut, paste, and duplicate elements effortlessly, enhancing your workflow and ensuring precise adjustments.

Instant insight, live previews

In the dynamic landscape of web design, ensuring your content's responsiveness across different devices is paramount. Experience your slider as it would appear on a desktop screen, tablet or mobile allowing you to fine-tune details and alignments. Test interactive elements like buttons and links in each preview mode to ensure user-friendly navigation and seamless interactions across devices.

Boost visibility and accessibility

With Smart Slider 3 at your side, SEO and accessibility become a dynamic duo, ensuring your content reaches its full potential. No need to worry about time – we've got the tech covered, letting you focus on your brilliance.

Animation playground
Lights, camera,

Embrace the fun side of design – Smart Slider's animations and effects are your creative playground.

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by the world's best creators

Experience the platform that top creators globally rely on for their designs, and become a part of the Smart Slider community.

Smart Slider already provides more functionality than any other slider plugin – even many premium ones.

Daniel Pataki

CTO @ Kinsta

It’s powerful, yet so much fun to use. I’ve worked with a lot of different slider plugins and I can honestly say Smart Slider is the best solution.

Raelene Morey

Words By Birds

Smart Slider is so friendly and quick that you'll get your sliders ready almost instantly. It brings nice templates, a modern editor and smart features.

Ionut Neagu

CEO @ ThemeIsle

These guys perfected their craft over the years and if you are looking for the ultimate slider solution, look no further.

Dimi Baitanciuc

Co-founder of Brizy

I was on the "sliders suck" bandwagon like everyone else until Smart Slider convinced me otherwise.

Robby McCullough

Founder of Beaver Builder

Smart Slider includes a powerful set of features along with some great looking templates. And that’s just the free version!

Joe Fylan

WordPress Blogger

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