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Add videos to your sliders

Videos are a great to make something noticeable. With motion pictures you can make a lot more, than using css and javascript codes, so this can have a big influence on the design of your website. But there are some suggestions and limitations on the web you should know about, if you are planning to use them. For more demo examples check our latest video slider page or simply download them from the backend.


Description: Transform your Youtube videos into a fully responsive beautiful slider. Show all your videos easily with the thumbnails and engage your visitors.

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You can choose a video to be the background of your whole slider, or it can be a video for separate slides. There are also YouTube, Vimeo and HTML5 layers, what you can put anywhere. If you want to see more examples check our dedicated video slider page. You can combine these layer’s functionality with the autoplay of your slider, for example it can stop, when the video is playing, and continue when it’s done. You can also put videos inside lightboxes, which might be triggered by a play button to open up, and you can save some space on your slides like this.
You can even show the videos of your YouTube channel, or a search result by using the YouTube dynamic slide generator, which will automatically update your slider after the given time.
Background video settings


The first tip is that when you put videos onto your pages, you shouldn’t use a long one with high resolution. If you put your video into the slide or slider background, then it shouldn’t be longer, than 1 minute. Even better would be, if it were only a couple of seconds with loop. Browsers are getting better every day, but videos are still resource heavy, and you don’t want your visitors to see a slow website, so the video’s size should be optimized.

Some tips

You should always give control to your visitor to play, pause or mute your videos. If you use YouTube, Vimeo or just self hosted video layers, let the users make the choice to handle these videos. If you automatically start them, set the volume to mute. Have you ever visited a website which started to “scream” on your speaker? There is nothing more annoying, when you go to a website and it starts to play music or other sounds.
Have the design of the video reflected the design of your website, as everything you see is connected. If you don’t have one, what you think would be okay, search for “royalty free videos” on the internet. There are tons, and a lot of them are really nice looking, so I’m sure, you would find one or more appropriate to your website.


Here are some links where you can find royalty free videos:


Mobile devices and tablets have a limitation, it is that you can’t autoplay videos on them, because of the common usage of mobile internet, and the memory available on them, so only a user’s action can start a video. Because of this, on mobile phones we don’t load the background videos of the sliders. As a fallback, you should add a background image to your slider or slides, where you use a background video. And this is another reason to give control to the video layers, because those won’t be accessible without them.

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