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Vertical Accordion

Description: Accordion is both practical and elegant at the same time.

Premium: Gain access to all slider templates with a single purchase.

Minimum version: 3.3.0


With the full-screen control, you can make your slider open up covering your whole screen. Now, this could be a great option, if your user wants to have a better view of the whole slider, or for example, if you want to create a presentation.

Pros and cons

You should use this control smartly, only on that kind of sliders, where the full screen is actually beneficial, because there are some disadvantages of going full screen. If you do it, the user loses some control over his screen, the browser’s navigation bar, and the operating system’s taskbar. This used to be a big security issue, and browsers stalled to implement this feature to avoid people taking over the screens of users. It is important that people should feel safe of what they do, so this control is rather useful for showing things by you. For example, you can create presentations with it. It is much better than creating it in a program because you don’t need any special programs installed on the computer, where you want to show it to people. You will need the internet, but that is kind of getting more common, than for example having Microsoft PowerPoint on every computer. You can also show photos to your friends and family without any disruptive contents, and you don’t have to carry the files on a pendrive.

Full screen control features in Simple mode
Full screen control features in Simple mode

Use it with Full page responsive mode

The full page responsive mode makes your slider be as big as your browser’s screen is, so this is the responsive mode, which is best for the full-screen mode. Our full-screen mode automatically scales up the background images and videos to cover the whole screen, but this responsive mode also positions and resizes your layers accordingly to the screen. Besides the full-screen view, this responsive mode can also look great on your website, if you make for example a landing page, and these kinds of sliders can create bigger blocks on your site.

Version Overview – PRO

  • Full screen control
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