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Configure slider autoplay

Slider autoplay is a feature, which automatically switch between slides after a period of time (autoplay interval). It can be enabled on the slider autoplay configuration page. You can set a ton of options for example the interval or when it should stop, continue or finish the autoplay. The most common settings is to stop the autoplay when mouse is on the slider and then continue the autoplay when the mouse leaves the slider. You can pause the autoplay when a video is playing in the slider.
Slider options for autoplay slides feature

Boxed Template

Description: If you're looking for a really clear slider with simple layout then this is the best choice for you. This template slider contains 9 slides with background animations, Ken Burns effect and simple layer animations.

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Control the autoplay

As you might already know, you can add multiple different control elements to your slider. One of them is the autoplay button. With the autoplay button you can start or stop your slider’s automatic sliding. This setting is below the general settings in the control section. Please note: If the slider’s autoplay is not enabled, the autoplay control button won’t be visible. Of course you can change the design of the Autoplay button easily from the preset library or you can create your own with the Style Manager.
Autoplay control in the slider

Indicator control for slider autoplay

Autoplay indicator indicates the elapsed time in the current autoplay interval. It is a good feedback when the slider switches to the next slide. You can choose from a pie type and a stripe type indicator. Both of the types have several customization options so you can create your own or you can choose one from the preset library. Please note: If the slider’s autoplay is not enabled, the autoplay control button won’t be visible.
Autoplay indicator for the slider

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